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28 January 2011

So I went to Primark today as my student loan will not stretch very far as I've done far too much spending this month!
I tried this one, although it's not my usual thing I found that it was gorgeous. I wanted to get it but thought I'd wait until I actually had extra money. I love the the shirt top part and the gold coloured buttons it has.

I bought this for my interview. I'm not sure if it's too dressy for an interview so I did buy another plain black one with a simple design on the shoulder. I'm going to try them both on later and decide which one to wear. I like this one and asked my friend who works in KPMG and she said it was okay. So I may go with her advice.

I really actually do want this placement, so I'm trying very hard to practise as best as I can for it.


  1. I love the first one, good luck with the interview!

  2. you are so lovely with that dress! so "chanel" style. I'm happy you left a comment on my blog. Yes, maybe Italy is wonderful from outside, but we have some big problems, especially with our premier :( I love London, for me means LIFE! when I go there I feel so free, so happy! I love londoners style, London shops, Starbucks (in Italy there's not!), Primark, Covent Garden, walking down the river, stay in Hyde Park with squirrels and so many things more.. Sorry for all my english mistakes :) hope you can help me to improve my english.. it's all just to make you understand how I love your city. London has something magical to my eyes.. I'd like to come in the end of February, just for a weekend..but fly tickets are so expensive :( Maybe I'll come there again in may or july ^-^ Let's keep in touch. I'm so glad to speak with you :) I'm following you! Kisses.... from Italy

    (in next post I'll show you and all my readers what I see outside my window.. Maybe you are curious to see where exactly I live..Stay tuned my sweet!)


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