Italia here I come!

27 March 2011

So remember this post about Italy? All well and truly inspired by the beautiful city I had to make a post about it. Well you might have also seen me talk about the interview I had for a study placement at a University in Milan and I got it! My uni rang me on wednesday and told me about it !!! It didn't set in then but everyone has been congratulating me and it's been wonderful. Anyway it only really just set in today that I will be living and studying there. I'm so excited, so much to see and experience. I know I will be so excited and it makes me feel reassured as where I am right now, I don't get excited about much.
I will be studying at Bocconi uni, I've already pretty much picked out my courses:

That's the best I could find of shots of the Uni.
So I think it's safe to say, I'll be bringing you pictures of all the places I want to visit.
I'm even planning budgets and everything now, for living and exploring.
Tough stuff but I'll certainly need to make the best of my stay there.

I'm also working on something really exciting at the moment, it's to do with my writing and I'm over the moon that I've been giving this opportunity.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday, I certainly have!

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