9 things I've learned this month

30 April 2014

I am skipping out on my wishlist this month. You would have thought with it being my birthday in SIX DAYS I would have a list as long as my arm, but no no, nothing really springs to mind present wise. And nothing really jumped out at this me this month has a ‘something I could afford if I had a proper job’ so wishlist aside, I have decided to compile a list of nifty things that have sat inside my head. Oh prepare yourself for the wisdom… 

1. Cutting chocolate out of my diet is super hard! 
2. I love exercising. I mean I really like doing it and miss it a lot when I don’t. However I don’t miss the mental motivation needed to drag myself to the gym or get up from my laptop. 
3. Move over anxiety! I have made significant developments in many areas – mainly social interactions - I came, I conquered. 
 4. I love writing – be it blog posts or just poetry – I’m really getting back into it again. 
 5. A change of direction is not a bad thing. If I can’t get the job position that I want looking for similar is not a sign of failure, really it’s a sign I’m using my brain a bit more! 
 6. People will leave your life without any seemingly good reason. Letting it go and not dwelling on it, has meant it is a thing of the past for me now! 
 7. Perspective is great. My view is not the only one and it’s certainly isn’t always the right one! 
 8. Coconut oil is a good make up remover! 
9. My eyebrows are important to me.

 Can’t wait to see what wisdom May brings. A full time job would be handy. Have you learnt anything new & good about yourself in the last 30 days? Share!

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