Birthday Wish List

13 April 2015

So next month it’s MA BUUURTHDAY. I am one of those people that hates birthdays, they usually just serve as a reminder that another year has gone by since I was born and I have not accomplished the 1,000’s of things I’ve set myself to do. Seriously why am I not in the best shape of my life, relatively loaded, with my dream man and going on holiday all the time? Eh, but anyway this year I decided I would take a better approach to my birthday and actually celebrate it, rather than dread the day. 

One good thing about birthdays is you get gifts, typically I just say “get me whatever.” However this year I’ve somehow managed to come up with a list and I’ve already sent if off to my family and friends because you know what this year I’m doing things differently aren’t I? Following that I thought I’d share the list with you lovely lot just because they could inspire someone and because looking at pretty make-up/clothing/accessories is one of my favourite pastimes.

Nike Air Max Thea – Ahh these beauties. If you read my ‘Lust, Save, Get’ post you’ll know I have wanted these for a while. I even tried to get my mother to track them down when she was in America but she had no luck. To be honest I really could have purchased it by now, but no I spend all my money eating in restaurants. I’m fortunate enough to know that my mum is gifting me these for my birthday, so I’m over the moon! I really hope I like them.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Chocolate Cherry - I’ve never owned anything from Bobbi Brown but I’ve always lusted after a few things. I’m really into blush at the moment and after doing some research on blush for darker skin, this Bobbi Brown pot found its way to me. I love that you can use it for the lips and your cheeks and I’m also really intrigued by it because it’s a cream product. I’ve only ever used powered blush.

Clinique Even better essence lotion 3, 4 – I’ve tried hunting this thing down in stores for the past month, but it actually seems that they don’t sell it. A lot of the sales assistants that I spoke to at the counter just seemed to think I was talking about the serum. As I’ve wanted it for ages and now it’s coming up to my birthday, I thought I might as well bung it in my gift list. Things always feel 100times better when you don’t pay for them!

Blank Canvas E23/24 Double Ended Pencil/Flat Shader Brush – In a bid to get more into eyeshadow, I have been lusting after this brush. It isn’t even expensive but I just haven’t got round to purchasing it. I don’t have a flat shadow brush in my collection, which is super annoying, I also don’t have the pencil brush for going on my waterline so I love that this is a double ended brush.

Pandora Charm – I got a Pandora bracelet for my 21st birthday and have a few charms on it. I don’t actually wear the bracelet that often but lately I’ve been wanting to and I thought some charms from those that I cherish would encourage me to wear it more often. For the sake of the images I’ve chosen a random but, obviously I’d take any charm given to me. I think charms are lovely because they are personal.

Vagabond Dawn Low Heel Chelsea Boots – Here’s me wanting more expensive shoes. I just bloody love the look of these and I’m always on the lookout for boots that I think will last a while. I’ve heard really good things about Vagabond and I love that this is a heeled boot and a Chelsea boot in one. I’ve had in my shopping list for months and I think I may just need to make it mine at some point…

I have a few other things dotted about in my head, but if I’m honest I’d be happy with anything for my birthday. I don’t have incredibly expensive taste , so I hope you enjoyed my simple list!

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  1. oh those boots are gorgeous! I love Chelsea boots.

    Aleeha xXx

  2. They are so beautiful! I think i'll have to get myself them as my own birthday present!


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