Rituals Rice Scrub Calming Shower Cream Scrub Review

23 April 2015

I'm not one for bath products, I use my Dove cream thing and then I'm done. However in order to be "summer ready" (and give myself a mini pamper) I have started to exfoliate and stuff to get my skin into better condition. I really wanted a body scrub, I know scrubs have a bad rep but hey I like stuff like this and I feel like the skin on my body can handle it.

I was on Feel Unique buying god knows what and decided to purchase this one. I really wanted something from Rituals because I've heard so many good things about the brand and I really wanted something I could use to pamper myself with too. I didn't however, want to pay frikkin £20 for it. So I decided on this, just under £10 and what a delight this product is! It smells lovely, it's not over powering or weak but has just the right amount of potency that a fragranced product should have. It has small scrubby particles (the rice I assume) that leaves my skin so so soft. I use this on my shoulders and arms as they are my troubled areas, and after I've washed the product away my skin feels baby like. There is no other way to describe it. A little goes a long way with this, all I need is one small squeeze and then I apply it to my damp skin and massage it in, add a little water and it foams up slightly and spreads.

I do feel like I've had a mini pamper session after I've used this and it's bloody quick to do as well. I've used this about 5 times because I'm just loving the smell and how it makes my skin feel. I seem to get little spots that crop up on my arm and shoulders, and because I work out I'm also concious of sweat building up and causing more spots, so I think this product is a perfect solution to combat that.

This is a great treat to give to yourself after a long day as well, as the name suggests it should help to calm you down. I feel like the rubbing motion you do to get the product working also helps to calm you down. Definitely one worth trying out, especially with the low(ish) price tag.

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