IKEA MALM drawers in white + Ikea Haul

18 June 2015

So ever since I got my new bed, wardrobe and dressing table last year, I’ve been itching to get the final bits I needed for my room. My room is a good size, but the one thing I felt I lacked was storage. For someone who basically wears the same clothes day in day out, I have A LOT of clothes and it was getting so annoying to keep my room clean because I just had nowhere to put my clothes. I also didn’t have much storage in terms for any other stuff I had in my room. Back in January I got myself a bookcase and threw out my table, I assembled it together and was super happy to get some of my books on there and use some of the space for storage. But something was still missing.

I decided a chest of drawers was the next step. It would give me more storage space for my bits and bobs and store my clothes. I ordered this from Wilko (never order from them, they gave me the biggest headache when I wanted to return it) but when it came it was too small. I really wanted to buy something I could afford but also something I didn’t have to assemble myself. But after seeing the size of that, and the prices of assembled furniture I decided I had to buy one to assemble myself. I knew that loads of people have the MALM drawers so I knew what they looked like and that they were a good size. I ended up going to Ikea with a friend one Friday and purchased the MALM 4 chest of drawers in white.

I was also dying to get my hands on the mini cacti pots that Ikea do, I think I found out about this through Linamar. I drove my friend crazy talking about it haha but I finally found it at the end of my trip. I don't even know why I wanted them so badly because I'm not a huge plant lover, but they have definitely made me very happy! I also fell in love in the candle isle; my friend was like “I’ve never seen you so happy.” I basically went mad picking up loads of candles and then remembered I’m not made of money and I just wanted to pick up the necessities. So I settled on these three and they just smell like chocolate and caramel and just so nice. I don't know what the actual scents are, as I can't find the translation for the title for some reason. I picked up the tea light holder but I actually wanted to put my rings in it. I did empty it out and put a tea inside and it was beautiful so I’ll have to pick another one up for that. I also got some organisers to go inside the top drawer which I’m really happy about, but I totally need more for my dressing table! 

Cacti pots - £4.50

Tealight holder - £2.25

I’m super happy with this the drawers and my mini purchases. I also purchased a garlic crusher and I’m totally in love with that too. Having the chest of drawers also means an actual place to photograph the products that I buy and I like the current set up I have going on with the cacti and candles. I also got to try the meatballs from Ikea and I concur with everyone else – they are yummy! 

I pretty much think my room is complete in terms of storage. I’ll probably pick up a bedside table at some point but I am super happy with what I have at the moment. For ages I didn’t want to buy anything because I thought I’d be moving out, but as it looks like that won’t be happening for a while I thought I’d make my stay much more comfortable. 

Have you picked up any furniture bits recently? Or even better any homeware?

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  1. I love your cacti!! I have a mini one similar to one of yours and it's growing quite tall and I feel like a proud mother seeing my cacti grow? I have no idea why, it's not as if I birthed them, but it's just so satisfying seeing plants grow. Well, for me anyway aha x

  2. Hahaha I'm the same, I feel like they are my babies! xxx


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