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29 June 2015

This post is long overdue because I actually purchased these bits about a month ago, but I'm still going to show it anyway because who doesn't bloody love seeing a make-up haul?!

Revlon Highlighting Palette Bronze Glow - £9.99 (£1 cheaper in Boots
I've been wanting to get my hands on this highlighting palette for ages, I just kept forgetting that I wanted it. So I went into Superdrug with an aim to pick this up. I got a mailer from Superdrug's aaaaaages ago (probably a year ago) where they featured this product and a bunch of other stuff and just decided I really wanted it. This was before I knew about the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, but I'm assuming this a dupe for it. Truth be told, even though I've had this for a month I've used it once. I don't always wear foundation and when I do wear it to work, I don't always feel like slapping on highlighter. Also because of the texture of my skin, I don't always want to draw attention to that part of my face. Nevertheless I am going to play around with this, or just look at it because it's so super pretty.

The next thing I really really wanted was this mascara I've seen Jackie Aina (shout out to Nettie for introducting me to her) use itso many times in her videos and it does wonder, for her at least. I've been using this for next to a month and I just don't think it does anything for my eyelashes! When Jackie uses it you can see that it really adds volume and length to her lashes, she has naturally long lashes anyway but with the mascara it's impressive. When I use this on me, even when I layer it on, it really doesn't give the effect of wearing mascara. It's a pretty wet formula and has an annoying bendy bit in the wand (they call it 360 degree flexible cone lol) which can be a bit hard to control. I actually purchased the waterproof version and I still had no luck. I do not think I'll be repurchasing this unless it starts to work better when it dries out a bit.

(didn't take an actual picture of the lotion, oops)
Nivea Soft Lotion Tube - £2.49 (lucky for me it was on offer) 
The last thing I picked up from Superdrug is this cream from Nivea. I actually thought it was handcream until I went to take the photos for this and realised it was a multipurpose sort of cream. I'm not a fan of this cream, I picked it up because I wanted a handcream after my Palmers one ran out, but I find this really light and it's just not what I want in a hand cream. Of course it's not a handcream, but you can use it for your hands, so I'll just finish it off and get a real hand cream. It's slightly scented and is lightweight so if that sounds like something you're after - then I think this would be perfect for you.

I picked up these brushes from EcoTools when I was getting some cotton pads from Boots (only to get home and find them not in my bag). I know that Teni is like a rep for them, so I've always been aware of them and I've always seen them in Boots and Superdrug. I've been wanting to get my hands on the Blank Canvas E23/24 Double Ended Pencil/Flat Shader Brush (but it's been out of stock for ages). When Melanie mentioned the set in one of her videos I decided to pick it up because it's actually such a bargain! Truth be told I haven't that much use out of the brushes, I tested it out but I just haven't had the time to play around with eyeshadow looks with them. I have however been using the angled part of the brush for my eyebrows and it's perfect. I own an angled brush from RT (part of the eye brush collection) but it's massive, but this one from EcoTool is just the perfect size.I've been using it with the powder part of my Sleek Brow Kit, something I never thought I'd do. I never got on with the powder section, but with the right brush (and threaded eyebrows) I've managed to achieve a natural look I like. These brush bristles are super soft and I can't wait to use them properly.

The last item is this primer from Rimmel, I actually picked this up about a month and half ago whilst I was in Boots with my mum (so she paid yaaay) because I have run out of my Smashbox Photo Ready Primer and I just cannot bring myself to pay £20+ for another one. I think I got this because I heard Amelia talk about it and truth be told I just needed an affordable primer. I've used it most of the times I've worn foundation and I'm happy with it. It does leave a whitecast on my skin when I put it on, but once I put foundation that goes away. I'm not sure whether it actually prolongs the wear of my make-up because I don't actually wear my make-up without a primer (in fact I'm not sure if any of my primers prolong the wear of my make-up). It hasn't broken me out and feels like a great primer, I've not noticed any more oiliness either (or less).

So that's my mini haul! I think in July I'm going to take the time to play around with all of them a bit more. On that note though, I don't know if anyone could recommend a good BB cream or lightweight foundation for oily & acne skin types?

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  1. That highlighting palette looks gorgeous and I love the look of those brushes too! Super versatile.

  2. It is gorgeous and so pigmented! I wish I was more skilled in using it though x


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