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10 June 2015

For someone who has constant issues with her feet, I never really buy shoes or invest in a good pair. However in the last month I have purchased two bits of footwear. A pair of heels and some loafers. All shocking for me, because ankle boots are my footwear of choice even in the summer you’ll find me wearing ankle boots. I loathe wearing flats if I’m honest, I have really flat feet and a terrible left ankle and flat shoes offer no support. They also make my feet look huge. I own a couple of sandals for those really hot days and short walks. I thought I’d snap up these shoes as I think they are both stunners in their own right and might inspire you to get yourself a pair.

ASOS MIRIAM Woven Leather Loafers in Black - £36 (can't link as they no longer sell them sadly)

 The first are these ASOS Loafers. I’m pretty sure I saw Hannah for Cocobeautea wearing these, but I can’t be sure. I had these sitting in my ‘save for later’ bag for ages. They are not the type of shoes I go for so I really did um and ah about them, but in the end I was popped it in my bag when I was buying some other things. When I got it I still ummed and ahhed, I really liked it but I just wasn’t sure if it was ‘me.’ I sought opinions from a girl at work and my friend and in the end I kept it and I’m glad I did. I love just throwing it on with skinny jeans to smarten up an outfit, or just make it look like I’ve put some effort in. They are smart and casual at the same time. I ordered these in a size 7 so I could put my insole in by they are super tight with them in, so I’ve been working on stretching it out. But I’m in loooove with these and they have a good amount of support at the sides and the soles. 

Next is a pair of heels! I haven’t purchased a pair of heels in over 2 years. I just don’t go anywhere that requires them and my ankle is really bad that I can’t wear them unless they are block heels. For my birthday I wanted a whole new outfit. These I put these heels in my bag and didn’t think much of it, however when they arrived I was like these are seriously nice! Even my mum loved them and she really wanted a pair, so guess what she’s getting as part of her present? I love that gold detail on these and the fact that it’s a block heel means I am fully supported when I walk in it. I love that it’s black too because it goes with a lot things. I’m definitely happy with this purchase and I do just want to sleep with these babies next to me every night, but that would actually be kinda gross.

I think I'm all satisfied now for shoes. I probably will get myself another pair of black boots (I can't help it) but other than that I'm pretty satisfied. What shoes have you purchased and loved recently?

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  1. those are really cute shoes! I find I can't wear flats for long periods of time either as they really bother my feet. that's really sweet you're surprising your mom with a pair of the shoes :)

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  2. Try insoles in your flats! That's what I do, they make wearing flats a little bit more bearable! x


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