Amsterdam - Day 3

14 November 2017

I'm so excited to share the pictures from day 3 in Amsterdam because we stumbled across a gem that day! I actually woke up in a horrific mood but taking the ferry, finding this place and sitting by the water helped me out so much.  I feel like this post also contains a lot of pictures that are just so classic of Amsterdam - I'm just in love with the city!

This was the morning we decided to go to the Pancake Bakery and I'm so glad as I got to have exactly the same thing I had last year! We had a lovely walk there and stopped for loads of photos as it was hard not to.

We ended up taking the ferry to another part of Amsterdam and I cannot for the life of me remember where it was but we stumbled across the coolest place ever! This huge massive crane that was being used as a pop-up shop for Skrillex, a hotel and as a bungee jump location. The place was holding a dance event for a couple of days in Amsterdam and they had the DJ's practising their bungee jumping because at the end of their sets on the night they would actually have to bungee jump - how fucking crazy.

We were able to go up to a certain level, which was just before the hotel so we got to speak to some of the DJs and take some pictures.

Me watching someone else jump off. 

I thought this was an awesome location for some pictures so naturally, I posed my arse off. 

We then ended up sitting by the water and it was so peaceful. I still remember how it felt, it was just so quiet here and it was so nice to know that just a couple of ft away was all these exciting things.  The area was also just filled with people chilling out and it was just lovely - it really felt like the best place in the world, I'm not sure I can even put it into words. I just felt such a great sense of tranquility and balance. I'm so glad we discovered this place :) 

We headed back to the hotel after this and then after headed to the Anne Frank museum, I got lost so nearly didn't make it but man am I glad I did!

The museum was such a sobering experience and you get to find out so many more things that you're ever told. You can't take pictures there which I think is incredibly respectful but also allows you to give the exhibition your full attention. It's crazy to be in the room where Anne and her family lived with other people, the room was just so small. The one thing that stuck with me was hearing her Dad say (after reading her diary) "you never really know your children at all." I'm a firm believer that you never really know people at all because we don't know ourselves all that well, but it was such a sad thing to hear from him after all he'd been through. I didn't get the chance to go to the museum last time I was in Amsterdam and I'm SO glad I was able to do it this time.

After the museum, we headed to dinner at Jackson Dubois. The place had the loveliest interior although the food was just okay. One lovely thing was watching how relaxed the Dutch are, I did a fair bit of people watching here! 

We had a couple of drinks before heading back to the hotel. The next day we had breakfast around the corner at a place called Teds before going back to the hotel to pack and then catch our flight. Again it was so interesting to people watch there, I feel like the Dutch are so entirely different and just so relaxed.

Amsterdam was such a lovely trip and I'd love to visit the rest of The Netherlands even if it's nothing like Amsterdam. I'm already itching to have something booked in for next year! 

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