[guest post] It’s the Holiday Season: A Lazy Girl’s Glam Guide

27 November 2017

The holidays are coming, yay! Between all the gift-giving, partying, booze, and fun time with friends, putting together great outfits can get exhausting for us lazy gals who just want to chill out a bit and have a good time. Who are these crazy people who spend more than two hours getting ready and why are they so damn flawless? Well, for you, our darling lazy fashionista, here are some great hacks that will have you looking smokin’ hot with minimal effort involved. 

Cool girl outfits

Outfit is kind of the hardest part because it’s the thing that people first notice when you walk into the room. You can either show up wearing something that vaguely resembles a potato sack and makes you look like a shapeless mess, or you can walk those sexy legs of yours in something cute. Don’t worry though, you don’t really need to sacrifice comfort to look good, high heels are entirely optional.

What you can do is get your sexiest, darkest skinny jeans, a simple dark shirt, and a black leather jacket. Where does the glam come in? Easy – over-the-knee boots, slim belt, and gold, rose gold, or silver jewellery. A pair of hoops, a ring, maybe a slim bracelet. There: sleek, polished, and cool.

Want something a little flashier? No problem, how does a bodycon dress sound? Something stylish that hugs your curves, and then that same leather jacket, or a blazer over it. Heels, tall boots, and ankle boots work great or even chucks if your dress has more of a sporty cut. But a cute headband in your hair and you’re done.

Skincare for a natural radiance

Before your big event, indulge in a nice little skincare and beauty ritual: wash and exfoliate your face with a good scrub, dab some soothing rose water on it with a cotton pad, and then put on a sheet mask. It can all be done in under half an hour and it’s the perfect way to make your skin look smooth and bright and to remove signs of weariness.

Makeup for a dose of sexy

We know, we know, makeup can be complicated if you don’t have the required skills like all those beauty gurus who are able to create masterpieces with a few swishes of their eyeshadow brush. Well, you don’t need elaborate makeup to look great. Pick a foundation with a dewy finish and apply it with a dampened beauty blender.

Once you have your base down, it’s easy to work. A dab of brown in your crease and some mascara will give your eyes beautiful depth in under a minute, and you definitely don’t want to forget a nice powder blush in peachy or coral tones to give yourself that natural-looking flush. Use a highlighter on your cheekbones for a glam glow if you like, and then the last step if lipstick. Red and berry shades are appropriately festive, especially since dark lipstick tends to make you look like you have put in an effort even though it takes about two minutes to apply.

Voluminous hair

Go big or go home, girl. Wild curls are very in this year, but you don’t actually have to go to a stylist to get that sexy mane of hair. Overnight heatless curls can easily be accomplished by doing rag rolls, and you can check out this tutorial to see what you’ll need.

French attitude 

Even if you show up somewhere in your pyjamas, just give a lazy grin and act like it’s what you intended to do all along. Success rests in attitude, and that effortlessly French chic glamour can be accomplished by smirking knowingly. You’re gorgeous and you know it. Your hair is tousled, your mascara slightly smudged, your outfit casual. And yet you look like the most interesting person in the room because you’re confident, mesmerizing, you’re irresistible. It’s all in your attitude, lady.

Don’t forget to have a good time! Nothing looks quite as attractive as someone who’s laughing and enjoying themselves, so don’t fuss much about your outfit and simply have fun.  


Another guest post from the lovely Amy Mia - thank you Amy! 

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