Recent purchases.

12 July 2012

Recent purchases

My boyfriend bought this jumper for me. Fred Perry are having a sale, so if you like them head over to their website. He ordered it today so I should be able to have it by Monday, very excited to have it. I ordered myself two pairs of shoes from New Look. 

I am hunting for black boots because I'm tired of wearing my trainers into work. Long story short, I have foot issues and wear insoles. But instead of my outfits always looking horrid because I'm wearing funky looking trainers (expensive and supportive ones though) I thought I'd get myself some boots because I can transfer my insoles into them. I actually ordered it to the store, so didn't have to pay for delivery and will pick it up on Monday.

 I love the Aztec ones, it's a nice little bit of detail which I think it cute. And Chelsea boots because I like the style. I'm trying to save because I have TWO weekends of partying for 21st birthday but luckily pay day comes in between :)


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your list of blogs you love as it has led me to yours which is also fabulous. Thanks for the heads up on the Fred Perry sale!! xx

    1. you're so welcome!! I loved the post on the Estee Lauder mascara! I loved looking through your blog :) xxx


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