Some holiday snaps!

6 July 2012

1. Gran Canaria cocktail (I had plenty of these).
2. Resort pool.
3. Decor in a restaurant.
4. Resort swimming pool again. 
5. Habits. 
6. Us.

I am sadly back from my holiday! After sorting things out my bags and things I decided to make a collage of some of the photos I had on my iPod. Just some of them because they don't even include my millions of dolphin snaps!!
I know I won't get round to posting photos for a while, so these will have to suffice! 

I'm also off to Wireless tomorrow. Shall deffo be fun despite to weather! 


  1. Everytime I see a holiday post I crave the sun even more! It looks lovely xxx

    1. haha I want to go on another holiday and I just came back! It's Englang, giving us these summer blues!


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