May Wishlist

31 May 2014

A short and sweet wishlist this month. I haven’t actually seen much that I’ve wanted that have been wishlist worthy except these wonderful babies. So without further ado…

May Wishlist

1. Michael Kors Selma Satchel Bag. First we have the MK bag. I know everyone and their mother has one, but it’s just so gorgeous and practical! I saw someone with it in beige and I loved it, but I think Navy is a better colour for me!

2. Kate Spade Metro Cream Watch. I’ve never owned a watch. I’ve really never felt the need too. I don’t feel the need now if I’m honest, but whilst browsing the ASOS website I came across this beauty and now I am thinking – first watch? I love the colours and the watch overall just looks very dainty and cute and can basically be worn with most outfits.

3. Prada Candy Leau Florale Eau de Toilette. So Prada have a new perfume out based on the ‘Candy’ scent. I love Prada Candy, it is sweet, but not sickly, and it is just such a beautiful smell. Two years ago this was my go to summer scent. I am intrigued by this floral version. If I’m honest I don’t think I will like it, as I’m not very much a fan of flowery scents, I like sweet scents, but I’ll have to give it a whiff at some point!

4. Linda Farrow Projects Smile Round Sunglasses. These glasses scream ‘try hard’ to me, but I cannot help but love them!

 So I told you that would be short and sweet! I look forward to the next month and lusting over items – have a wonderful Saturday.


  1. Love the bag choice.. Really want a MK tote myself.

    Will have to try and smell the new Prada too - I really want the limited edition "Daisy".. Summer smells are coming! Haha

    1. Ahh I love that you're blogging now! I'll deffo have to smell the new Prada, even if I don't think I'll like it!


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