Operation Room Makeover!

27 May 2014

So my room is undergoing a makeover and I am so frikkin excited. Not going to lie, suddenly living at home isn't so baaad.  Like I said, I am so EXCITED; I finally have more space in my room and new furniture (a dressing table with a mirror, a new bed and a new wardrobe). The best bit about all of this is the placement of my bed – right next to light switch (hello lovely level of laziness).

Of course this means I can also redecorate and just put my own touches on the room. Before it was crowded with all my mum’s junk, now I just have space for me!

I absolutely love looking at interiors and of course this means I have a whole Pinterest folder dedicated to them. Because I am still in the process of moving my clothes and everything back I have looking through my folder for bedroom ideas. I thought I’d share some of my favourite ones – just to pass on the inspiration!

P.S a lot of these are white because I love that look and I've chosen all white furniture.

I love how the lights are used in these pictures. 

 I love the colourful pillows in this.  

 I am so in love with the flowers on the wall, will have to look up some craft projects for this. 

 I love the colourful bedsheets here. 

I also love the white sheets and accessories here. 

Add me on Pinterest and check back here for when I do start to put my own personal touches on my room!


  1. I'm suffering from major room envy! Those pictures are so pretty, good luck x

    1. hahah I don't blame you! Thank you - I can't wait for the finished result :D


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