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7 October 2015

I am a foodie through and through, although I'm the foodie kind that doesn't touch seafood or fish. My favourite thing after eating is cooking. I can't bake to save my life, but cooking, cooking I can do and most of the time it's very therapeutic for me. I love changing up recipes and seeing what the end result is, typically with cooking I always end up feeling like I've achieved something so that's why it's such a good thing for me.

Over the years I've found some good recipes from the net and I can't believe I've never shared them on my blog or just generally talked about my love for food. So I've rounded up my top 5 used recipes and talked about any adaptation I've made and how easy they are to make.

This recipe is divine. I love creamy tomato sauces when it comes to pasta and so when I stumbled across the picture of this I thought I'd found the perfect one. When I found it it was a red pepper sauce I was like "huh?" but I still wanted to give it a go because it had cream and cheese and looked amazing. I actually use soya "cream" or lactofree cream when I make this recipe, because I can't stomach normal cream. This recipe is just so so good, so if you're after an alternative to a creamy tomato sauce this is your best bet. I've made this about 3 years ago (I was in my final year of uni) and it's still a firm favourite. It takes a bit of time with roasting the peppers and then blending it, but it's so worth it.

Oh my goodness, this recipe just made me love making meatballs from scratch. I don't actually make the sandwich part, I just make the meatballs to use with spaghetti. I actually don't include Italian sausage because for some reason I could never find it, and then I gave up trying. These meatballs are so bloody tasty. Every time I've made them my brother has just snapped them up because they just contain the right amount of flavour, they're not dry and the ricotta gives it a lovely taste. I made some of these on the weekend and even ended up adding feta and mozzarella to the recipe just because I had them in my fridge. I make a simple tomato sauce of peeled plum tomato, tomato puree, chilli flakes and seasonings that I have in my cupboard. The only long part of this is making the mixture into balls and then browning them.

I love M&S food, they have such a wide variety of salads and basically everything else. I love their microwave superfoods and the red and white quinoa one. This recipe incorpartes that and you through in some other bits and then you have yourself a nice and fulfilling salad. I don't like avocado so I don't use it, but aside from that I love everything else this includes and sometimes I just add whatever is lying around in my fridge. It's so simple and easy to throw together.

This is a lighter version of the meatballs I posted above. Turkey is leaner than chicken and the mixture doesn't involve as much cheese, and generally basically all the ingredients are halved in this recipe. I love the use of the basil in the tomato sauce, it gives it a really lovely flavour which helps as turkey isn't the most flavourful of meat.

Such a simple dish and I actually stumbled across this when I basically had all the same ingredients and just wanted a recipe for a simple home made sauce. I looked in my Pinterest foooood! board and found this recipe about two months ago. It's so lovely and light and just perfect for when you want to make a stir fry, also if you have curry powder and you add it to this it's jut yummy! I made this to go over rice and even my brother loved it. It's such a simple dish to make, honestly just like making a normal stir fry but taking 3mins extra to make your own sauce - flavourful and healthy! 

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So those are my top 5 that I've tried and tested. I have SO many bookmarked and so many saved in my Pinterest board so make sure you check it out, to get some inspiration. If you have some favourite recipes to share please leave them below - I'd love to see them!

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