October Book List

4 October 2015

This month I read two very different books and rekindled my love for reading. Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi was a great read, she's an author that creates real lives right in front of you. All of these chaaracters felt so real, like people you would actually come across in life. The book is about the split of a family after their father leaves, and in the book it brings up an interesting point of black men and their families, it is not in anyway judgmental though. This book was a treat to read and I loved weaving through the pages of this one. I started Shoot the Damn Dog by Sally Brampton and loved it so so much. She's a wonderful writer and I don't think I've ever read a more acute description of what depression is like. I love the way she writes and her story into depression and into recovery was very interesting. I'm still in the process of reading How You Can Talk to Anyone in Every Situation but I am really enjoying it so far. 

So with that out of the way it's time to get on to this months books! This month I've decided to go for a varied genre in my book list. I picked up two books that were in my bookmarks and then one that had a lot of publicity early this year/last year. My amazon book list was looking pretty samey (all depression related), so I thought I would delve into other topics for October. It's that time of year when it gets cold and meh anyway, so what better way than to cheer yourself up with a book!

Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill - I saw this book being advertised on Twitter by Quercus Books and when I read the blurb for it I was intrigued. It’s not the sort of things I would typically read. I’ve read 1964, and Margret Atwoods ‘The Handmaids Tale’ is in my ‘to-read’ list but generally dystopian books don’t really rank highly on my list. This for some reason pulled me in and I suspect because it’s also classed as young adult because it’s about two teenage girls, who are born in a time where women are bred for men. I’m just intrigued to see what this whole thing will be about. Plus the author won the Bookseller YA book prize.

Low Expectations by Elizabeth Aaron - This book was also one I found from following Quercus on Twitter and it sounded right up my street! I love books like this that just talk about drunk single women who have all sort of funny trouble with life and men, because it’s me and my friends in a nutshell. The protagonist in this book is 24 (same age as me, so I wanted to read it even more), lives in London and is working her way up in the fashion world. I think it will be similar to books like The List and Pear Shaped.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes - The final book is one that was advertised quite a bit last year and I thought yeah I should read that, so I’ve just added it to my list. The book is about two very different people who end up in each other’s life due to chance circumstance, it then goes on about how their relationship develops. And yadda yadda they change each other’s lives. It’s even getting made into a film next year, so very popular!

What books are you reading this month? If you have any suggestions for horror/Halloween themed books let me know, even though I won't read it until next month I 'd still like to read some.

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