3 things I've learned this month

31 August 2014

Truth be told I totally forgot it was the end of the month. But I’m glad I get to write this post! I don’t have much to share in terms of a wish list, so I am going with that what I’ve learned this month (surprise surprise). I only have three things, as I totally forgot to keep track during the month! 

1 – Gratitude is important - Walking to the supermarket this morning it struck me how fortunate I am, and by this I just mean having a roof over my head and just general things that are taken for granted. I am in no way suggesting that everything is perfect; I could rattle off 100 things wrong with my life right now, and I’m sure you could too - but you know what? I want to appreciate all that is great in my life and allows me to continue to function at ease, whilst figuring out how to deal with the rest. 

2 – Exercise is vital. This isn’t something I share quite openly but I’m coming off of my medication that I take for depression (my doctors and I think it’s time), I’m aware that certain changes need to be made in my life to live a positive one and one of those things is exercise. I went for a swim last week, after three days of feeling incredibly anxious and it was amazing how much better I felt after. I’m not an active person and I really believe that as a result, I have a lot of adrenaline bumbling around in me from all the emotions I keep in and exercise helps to keep that in check. 

3 – Watching a film will keep me sane. I know this will seem odd but I’m not a huge fan of sitting down and just watching a film. I don’t watch TV. I do however watch TV series episode after episode, but even those I forget to watch consistently. But something I learned from CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) was the power of distraction and watching a film is great for me. I sat down and watched one last week and I’m super amazed at the effect it had on me. Usually when I get home, I’m reading blogs and just generally taking in a lot of things from social media and it’s exhausting. Sitting back and not thinking, is a way to keep all that noise out. And considering what I mentioned in point number 2, I’m glad I rediscovered this because I know I’m going to need my coping skills more than ever! 

So that is it for this month! I hope that this made sense, I wanted to get it out before I completely forgot. I’m aware there were no easy to digest bits of information there – but it’s the truth so I guess that’s what matters.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and are ready for September!

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  1. Great post, I think I'm going to try out these tips, especially being more grateful. x

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Taz! Let me know how it goes for you this month xxx

  2. This is so true, sometimes taking time out feels unproductive but actually it's even more beneficial as you have more energy for other things! I'm always berating myself for not doing enough on my to-do list but then sit on my laptop all evening with nothing to show for it! Just taking 1.5 hours to watch a movie would be so much more rewarding in the long term right :) I love reflections like these, writing them down makes them feel so much more real! x x


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