August Birchbox

26 August 2014

So this months Birchbox has made me very happy! I was already able to get a sneak preview from Adrienne’s post – but the contents of mine were actually a bit different.

The Proposal by Tasmina Perry - I received a sample copy of Tasmina Perry’s novel ‘The Proposal’ I’ve actually read a couple of her books before, Private Lives is enjoyable. I thought this product was a bit of a waste of a sample but it did remind me that I do love a good Tasmina Perry book!

Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Oil - This was the item I was super excited to receive was this. If you read my Month wishlist you would know that I have wanted to try this out for a while. Well since it landed I have been using it and I have to say…so far I’m not seeing any results. The claims on the website say that people get hydrated within 6 and 24 hours, obviously I don’t have the tools to measure hydration but I’m not seeing any difference in my skin. So am I feeling a little bit glad that I didn’t shed out £58 for this? Yes. However I might be singing a different song when I have finished using the tester.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Refreshing Bath Shower Gel - I’m not really sure what this item is meant to do. I mean obviously I know what a shower gel is meant to do, but I thought it would have some miraculous claim for it to be included in the box. The only thing special I can see about it is that it’s blue and shimmery. It reminds me of mermaids for some reason. I’ve looked up the brand and they actually do see to do a range of stuff I plan to try, but as for this shower gel? It’s handy for the gym and doesn’t irritate my skin.

Vasanti Brighten up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator - I really like this product. It’s different to other face exfloliaters that I own. The particles are small and gentle so I don’t feel like I’m doing much damage to my skin. They recommend using it 3 to 5 times a week, which it is gentle enough for. I really can’t say that it has brightened up my skin but I do enjoy using it and will see what results it brings!

Wild About Beauty Powder Eyeshadow in Paradise - I’m not a person that buys eyeshadow, I am terrible at applying it. Even when I follow a tutorial I look like I’ve just thrown things at my eye in the dark. This shade is gorgeous and I do look forward to trying it at some point.

Number 4 Lumiere D'Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect - I don’t really have much to say about this product. It’s not something I feel l can really comment on honestly as I’d only ever use in my weave. I did use it in my hair after I went for a swim and can’t say it did anything spectacular. It was pretty handy having a leave-in conditioner as it just meant I sprayed this in and let my hair air dry!

So that’s all for the August Birchbox! I’m really happy with my second box, I don’t see anything being a keeper right now but who knows what it will be like after I use them all up.

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