The Shoe Edition

22 August 2014

So following on with my H&M stalk (The Basics Edition) , I thought I’d share four pairs of shoes from them that I am loving the look of!

H&M shoes

Boots - £24.99 - I am loving these boots. I’ve never been too sure about getting Doc Marten’s I just think they’re too heavy for me but I do like a solid looking boot. As Autumn is approaching I feel like some good boots and they can be paired with a variety of outfits.

Loafers - £9.99 - I wear a lot of black on a day to day basis. Like serious ‘errthang all black’ so something like this is perfect for me to throw into an outfit. I don’t often wear flat shoes, I have very flat feet and my left ankle is incredibly weak and in addition to that, flat shoes do not have any support in general. But I do occasionally wear them and for those moments I think having pretty ones is the best option!

Sneakers - £19.99 - I am in love with these sneakers. I love the chain detail on it as well as the white sole. I love how it’s not a trainer – it’s just something a little different and will add something to any casual look I throw on.

Loafers - £9.99 - I am in need of new black flats. I managed to burn through one in like a month (do not ask me how). As I’ve said above I wear a lot of black so couldn’t overlook this beauty. Plus who doesn’t need a pair of black loafers? It’s a staple piece!

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