Sleek Matte Me in Fandango Purple

18 August 2014

I’ve had this beauty for a while and I absolutely love it. I remember wearing it a lot during September/October last year and then I forgot about it! I first heard about it from Sian, during this video and I was like that looks lovely and most likely ran out to purchase it that very week!

I absolutely love the colour, I find it’s quite summery but also something you can wear all year round when you feel like throwing in that punch of colour! I dunno what the name is about but it’s fun to say! I find that it isn’t too pink or purple, it is just a really wearable colour. I also love that it actually suits my dark skin tone (at least I think it does). It’s also a shade that is wearable day or night. I typically wear this in the day and really enjoy adding the pop of colour to my face.

So lets talk application? It applies pretty well, you do need to build it up otherwise it doesn’t deliver the colour in the bottle (container? I have no idea what to call this). Just about three swipes and you have yourself about 4 hours worth of colour. I wore this to work last week and it was still around even after eating my lunch.

The formula itself quite creamy and pigmented and when you spread it out it loses colour and creaminess. I am a klutz so most of this ends up on my teeth, although I don’t understand how! As the name states this is matte and man I don’t try out a lot of lipglosses/lipsticks but this is maaaaaaatte beyond the meaning. It will seep into the lines on your lips after a while, so I recommend applying a lip balm before and/or after. That’s the only downside of this product, but for me it’s not too bad as long as I reapply when I see this happening. For me I although it’s super drying I like that it stays put and I don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying. You've also got the added benefit of the price being super affordable!

I haven’t been drawn towards purchasing more simply because I’m a lazy gal – but after fishing it out I will have to go have a browse around the Sleek section to see what other colours will catch my eye!

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  1. Great pigmentation! I wish we could get this here in Spain! :(
    Monday mask have just began, for a healthier hair visit:
    Just beginning but it would mean a lot! Thank you so much!!! Kisses from Barcelona :)

    1. Aww that sucks that you can't get it in Spain!
      And I will be sure to check it out - thank you for your comment x


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