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26 February 2011

This is me right now. I just sort of threw everything on today. I got to wear my leather jacket for the first time in months so I was happy about that! I added the studs myself haha.

I'm finishing series 3 of house, watching the last episode right now. I watch waaay to much TV.

fast cars, shooting stars.

23 February 2011

I adored this song from the very first moment I heard it and it's been on repeat since then. Such a good video and well, look at how hot Rihanna looks in this! I'm not a huge kanye fan but I do like the odd song he does. I adore kid cudi :)

I can't believe how quickly February has gone by! Thankfully it's been a pleasant(ish) month.


21 February 2011

I think it's about time I've shared my love for Italy on this blog. I know my love for Italy starts with the food and then everything else just followed after. I was convinced I wanted to go there after I read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert last year. So follow on from that, I have the chance to live anywhere I want from July onwards. At first I wanted to go to Spain but this was before I read Eat, Pray, Love after that I just wanted to go to Europe. Lately though Italy has staked itself a place in my mind and it refuses to go away, so I've been looking for placements in Italy. I can't think of anywhere else I want to be or anywhere that makes me feel so inspired just by thinking of the country. Anyway, enough of my rambling, I have pictures so you can see what inspires me.

sources: here & here

sunday lovin'

20 February 2011

a mix and match. two stylish and beautiful women.
two pieces of art i find funny and then interesting.

happy sunday everyone!

just another case of do or die.

19 February 2011

it's been a busy week, that and i stay up til 6 in the morning talking with my friends so I haven't even thought about blogging. But here's snap of Sana that I adore.
Amazing body and her wonderful hair!
I hope everyone has been having a lovely weekend.

She's electric, she's the current running through my veins.

13 February 2011

okay no sunday lovin' as I haven't managed to put anything together. I haven't spent much time at my laptop this weekend, I had a fun and sober weekend and it was so lovely.
I hope everyone has a nice day tomorrow, especially with it being Valentines Day and all. I'll certainly be spending mine like it's a normal day as I'm single and didn't realise tomorrow was V-day until it was brought up.

ashes and wine.

11 February 2011

yesterdays outfit. i have quite a bit of work i need to get on with, considering i've spent most of my week in bed watching House, Criminal Minds & Jersey Shore! Jersey Shore is such a guilty pleasure, it is so cringe but it makes me laugh so much. I'm also very gutted I was in Birmingham was Pauly D was in London but life goes on.
I'm grateful that today is my day off, I'm just going over the lectures I've missed and making notes to make sure I understand and to save myself some time when I start to revise.
Have a lovely day.

i'm not the loving kind.

9 February 2011

drew phelps by lucy carr-ellison.

i'll save my last dance for you.

7 February 2011

Good thing about having a mother that is bigger and shorter than you is you can wear her huge jumper knit things that she loves. I remember when I was younger wearing your parents clothes wasn't cool but my mum was always hella stylish and even if I didn't agree with what she wore she always had a style of her own. She has loads of huge cardigans (well on me) and colourful pieces and I will take pictures next time I go back home. But this is what I wore today, nice and comfy.

Hope everyone had a lovely day!

sunday lovin'

6 February 2011

How gorgeous is everything in the first image?!
I'm incredibly hungover. Apart from being sick my sunday has been lovely, my friend cooked and looked after me and we watched The Proposal. I back at home and still exhausted so this is a short one. Going back to Birmingham tomorrow, ack. I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

why'd you say hallelujah if it means nothing to ya?

3 February 2011

I haven't a valid reason as to why I haven't been blogging. I guess I've been cooking and eating and attending my lectures. But even that doesn't take up a lot of time. Truth be told I've just started watching House and I'm loving it that I sit in bed pretty much all the time and watch it. That and I started on my essay today, only another 2,000 words to go.

Do you want to see what I've been cooking?
The two top pictures are mozzarella, tomato and gnnochi bake.
left and bottom right is spinach and ricotta roll-ups and above the bottom right we have caramelised onions and mushrooms with sausage and mash and parsley and basil.

Pre essay procrastination. I don't know about my looks recently but here I am.
I'm going to London on Friday and I'm getting my hair done on Monday, still sticking with the black as it's practical for interviews.

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