taylor m rocking it.

11 September 2009


  1. I don't know how Taylor Momsen does it. How can you be that cool when you're just 16? I certainly wasn't!

    Which Uni in Brum are you going to and what are you studying? I feel like there are barely any bloggers in Brum apart from me and Selina!

  2. I'm going back to study at Uni of Birmingham at the business school for a masters in marketing!

    Sorry, I meant Flying Saucer! Her 'home' when she's not at uni is Birmingham. Strangely we have never crossed paths (yet!)

    Yeah the rest of the images of the ChrisKane collection is equally as tempting...it was hard to just pick 6 out of the 39 for the blog! I'm poor at the moment too so I just don't know if I really should do it!


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