The Full Agenda

27 July 2015

So after posting The Incomplete Agenda and The Incomplete Agenda – Review, I am now back with my final six goals thus I present The Full Agenda. I’m still working on (I worked out this morning) and learning from the first set of goals, but I think it’s time for a new set just so things don’t stay stagnant in my life. I’ve been thinking about these since the end of June and as I’m starting my new job tomorrow, I thought now would be the perfect time to post these goals up.

A Birmingham Adventure: My Brother's Graduation

23 July 2015

So two weeks ago my wonderful, yet more than anything annoying, sibling graduated from the University of Birmingham. Yep we both decided to study in the city of Birmingham, except you know he went to the better uni. We actually had one year where we lived in the city together (different flats obviously) so we did see each other often. So after 4 years of what he would call hard work, he finally graduated and I took the day off, work up earlier than I even do for work (not that it made a difference, we still got there by the skin of our teeth) and went to see him graduate!

It was a great ceremony and the hall was beautiful. The hall actually belongs to the University of Birmingham, and with them being a rival to my uni (I jest) I did feel a little triumphant sitting there being an Aston Alumni. Anyway I do love graduations, I find they are a bit like airports, just full of genuine emotion. So many proud parents, cheers, and tears! I snapped some pictures, but truth be told I didn't actually get any good ones of my brother or anything else really, but I thought the hall was so pretty that I just had to share!

A London Adventure: New Look Wireless 2015 + Gender Pacific

20 July 2015

I thought I'd continue with the London "Adventure" series because I have gone to two London based events in the past two weeks. I booked to go to Wireless back in January/February and I could not believe how quickly it came around! So yep two weeks ago I headed there with some friends, and although we were late so I ended up missing Fuse :(  I did get to see Duke Dumont and had a really good time! I'm not the biggest Drake fan, so not gonna lie I did head to the back half way through the set as I was tired of being pushed. Aside from that it was so good and such a lovely summer day. I didn't get that many pictures though, I just ended up having too much fun.

The Incomplete Agenda - Review

16 July 2015

Back in January I posted The Incomplete Agenda, which includes six goals I set myself for the next six months. After six months I said I'd review them to see how I got on, I haven't looked at these in  a while although I've remembered them all, so it'll be interesting to see what I wrote and how far I've come in terms of progression for the goals.

These were the goals that I set myself:
1. Talk kindly to myself
 2. Put make-up on at least 2 times a week
3. Exercise in the morning at least once a week
4. Turn my laptop off at 10pm every day
 5. See a dermatologist and get a skin treatment
6. Save 12% of my income every month

A London Adventure: Borough Market + Patty & Bun

10 July 2015

So I've decided I need to see more of London and I decided to make Borough Market my first stop. I also made time to check out a burger place that's been on my 'to-eat' list for a while.

I don't have that many pictures I'm afraid! I didn't realise that Borough Market was only a food market, so once I did I decided not to snap as many photos. I did end up getting two bits to take away with me though -a spelt and cheese bun and a cheesecake brownie, both were absolutely delicious!

 We ordered some smoothies from here - I had the Pineapple, Apple & Mint one which was so refreshing. It makes me want to add mint to my smoothies now. My friend had the Acai one which includes Apple, Kiwi, Acai Berry and Banana.

 This wall was so lovely, but so hard to get a picture of because people kept walking past! It gave me all sorts of feels to read what people wanted to do before they died.

Next was Patty and Bun . I'm a burger gal through and through (and it shows). So Patty and Bun definitely had to be on my list.

I ordered the ‘ARI GOLD’ Cheeseburger which is/contains: Beef patty, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickled onions, Ketchup, Smokey P&B mayo, Brioche. I also ordered the Chips with the Roast Chicken Mayo & Chicken Skin Salt and the Coleslaw.

My thoughts? It was good. I wouldn't go running back though. But I would go back to try some of the other burgers. The burger was juicy and the bun was soft. As you can see from the picture it's not the most perfect looking burger(which means it is meant to be perfect tasting IMO), everything is overflowing and just looks like juicy burger heaven. It was nice, but it just lacked any flavour. I also ordered the coleslaw which I thought was okay but nothing special. The chips were yummy though, although I did not enjoy the salt thing, I'm not a huge fan of salt so that was really a silly thing for me to order! I defintely do indeed to go back and try the chicken burger.

I still have a couple more burger places to check out, but could do with a couple more recommendations. What's the best burger place in London?

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Boots Haul

7 July 2015

 I know, I know - another haul?! But this is actually a recent haul as opposed to a bunch of stuff from last month!

I ran out of a lot of things in June, so for me it was about stocking up. Then I spotted some offers on the website and I just couldn't resist getting my hands on some more bits and pieces.

July Book List.

4 July 2015

Another month, another book list. So it has come to be expected that I always be one book behind. The book that has been left behind is Eats shoots and leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation. I did start to read it but truth be told, my mind was just not in a learning state when I picked it up.

I loved Eat. Nourish. Glow. it wasn't anything groundbreaking, although I did find the information about gluten interesting as I didn't really know why there was this sudden gluten free craze. The book just really made me remember how important wholesome food is and since then I've really been trying to incorporate more veg into my meals. If you want a light yet informative approach to healthy eating I would really recommend this book.  The next book I read was Brick Lane, this book was okay. It follows a female character from Bangladesh who moves to England, Brick Lane to be precise. There's a story but it's just not my kind of story. This book is one of those I can appreciate for the cultural theme that runs through it, but not much happens if I'm honest. It is interesting to see how the UK might be viewed from those who have just moved here. This book did make me want to see more of London though, so I definitely have to visit Brick Lane this summer (nope I've never been). The final book I read was Dare Me, I have mixed feelings about this book the suspense it created with what happened just wasn't enough for me, I didn't particularly care for what happened or the big reveal. I was mainly interested in the cheer leading and the almost warrior style approach the book displayed towards it. The darkness of the characters and I guess the darkness of teenage girls was also something that really interested me. This book had such a great theme of intensity running though it and it was very electrifying at times.

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