Summer time!

31 May 2012

I'm so happy polyvore is finally working for me!!! I've had so many ideas for posts and because it hasn't been working I haven't been able to do it. Now I've forgotten them but who cares. Anyway, I have a holiday booked for the end of June, so online shopping whilst I'm at work has been taking up my time. I purchased these two from H&M yesterday.

Bikini's I've bought

H m bathing suit
£7.99 -

H m bathing suit
£7.99 -

H m bathing suit
£9.99 -

H m bathing suit
£9.99 -

I would like some other ones but haven't found the perfect one yet, so will need to go actually shopping this weekend! It has been so hot in the UK but I haven't taken any snaps of my outfit! I do have one from last Monday but ofc it's just sitting there on my camera! Cannot believe it's June tomorrow - this year has gone by very very quickly xxx

The £168 jeans...

21 May 2012

(taken from Tumblr)

How gorgeous are these jeans?! With print jeans everywhere, you really really want one that stands out and these certainly do! Sadly so does the price tag £168.37. I know I can't afford to spend that much on jeans, but it does not stop me lusting for them!

They are from Nordstrom. Which from what I gather are a U.S store (but they do delivery to the UK and perhaps elsewhere if you check). They operate 117 Full-Line Stores, 110 Nordstrom Racks, two Jeffrey boutiques, one treasure&bond store and one clearance store (taken from website). Nordstrom offers clothing for women, men and kids. They offer a range of really unique pieces, most of them with very unique (lol) price tags! There are so reasonably priced items though, so you should certainly browse the website. They even have a restaurant, which looks absolutely amazing!

Now I'm off to search for similar AND cheaper!


Birthday at Shaka Zulu

20 May 2012

So I've been really lazy, but I've also had quite a bit to deal with, but but but I have snaps from my birthday celebration. I went to Shaka Zulu which is a club in Camden, it was absolutely gorgeous and I had a lovely time. I drank quite a bit and don't remember much and got a bit out of control, but that's all in the past (albeit a 2week past) and well, you only turn 21 once! 

My friends are so lovely for coming!
I decided to wear the dress I got from River Island last minute and picked up the shoes from New Look on the day too. I absolutely adore the shoes now!

 I wish I had the time to snap up pictures of my new buys, but no good place to take them and too little time, but I will try :)

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday :) 

21st birthday

7 May 2012

Quiet times are coming because I have a 5000 word essay due in for Friday. Had my 21st on Sunday but celebrated it on Friday. Was a very drunk night! But look at my cookie given to me from work!

Absolutely yummy!

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