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24 October 2011

I got this crop top jumper for £8 in h&m.
I'll be living in similar outfits for the next 4 days because I have no life.

Shopping in Milan

18 October 2011

I haven't been impressed with the shopping in Milan if I'm 100% honest. I really want to find cute unique stuff to Milan but mostly I've shopping in h&m and Bershka and this one other little store near the Duomo. I've never been a fan of Bershka back home but the one here is huge and actually has quite a lot of nice things!!
To make up for the lack of shopping I have been eating Italian food a lot - so I don't feel bad that I haven't got any clothes!! Seriously the food here is just so wonderful. Thoroughly enjoying the food :)
Anyway I have pictures of all the clothes and accessories I've bought since I've been here and it really isn't much at all!!

 I really love this skirt but the small is too small and the medium is too big! I tried returning it but I can only do an exchange :( Need to find something I want tomorrow, as I'll be in London for 3 weeks and my 1 month exchange policy will run out!!
So gutted as I really wanted this skirt and it was only €20!

I love with this dress that I got from h&m. €40! Sad though as some beads have fallen off as you can see on the left! It's such a lovely colour though.

 I got each of these in the h&m sale for €7.

 My friend I found this junk store in china town which just had the most random stuff including these €3 Lolita style sunglasses!
 Earrings from the store near Duomo - €3.

 I got these in a cute store in Bellagio, Lake Como €16, two of the stones have fallen out though! I love my little froggies though. 

 Still yet to wear these €3 I think.

Top from Bershka €15. 

I did buy a bag and my boyfriend bought me a pair of earrings which haven't been shown but apart from that, this is all I've bought!!
I'm off to London on Thursday and I think I may go a bit shopping crazy there! Cannot wait to see my friends and my boyfriend :) 

Cinque Terre with my boyfriend.

14 October 2011

I suck at updating. Even my year abroad blog is slacking! I've been having personal problems so I can only say they have taken over. Most of it is sorted now, but I'm off to London next week Thursday without my laptop so I don't know how much updating I can do. As I'll be staying with my boyfriend and seeing friends and doing interviews and well I'll just be very busy!

Italy has been treating me well and my boyfriend came to see me at the end of September and we left Milan for Genova. We went to Cinque Terre, those Five Colourful Lands. It was asbolutely worth it! It was beautiful and we got to swim in the sea and just generally had a wonderful time. I have pictures for proof. I really really suggest you go there if you ever get the chance to go from Italy. It's three hours on the train from Milan and just so worth it.

this last picture is actually in h&m in Milan. I picked him out this blazer for jokes. 
I still think it looks hot.

So that was my Cinque Terre holiday! I'll say it again for the third time, go there!

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