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21 June 2011

I purchased this off ASOS about two weeks ago, I thought I was going to love it as it was sequined but it wasn't what I expected, plus it was really itchy! So I sent it back. So I'm going to have to find my self a plain black bandeau top or something.

I love this dress, I bought it for my friends birthday, which I can't go to as I'm working. Gutted but I know I'll have another chance to wear it. I love the cut out and well it's a red dress, I never seem to pick any colourful going out dresses, so this is new.

I can't wait until Friday, my friend some how bagged tickets free tickets to HardRock Calling and she's taking me to make up for missing my birthday, which is amazing because The Killers are headling! I'm so excited, I'm gonna feel like I'm 15 years old again. Also the Kaiser Chiefs are playing, so once again hello to my 15 year old self. So excited to be in a gig atmosphere as once again I'm not heading to a festival this year. I am working some though, which isn't ever really the same but I actually prefer it that way! 

17 June 2011

Fashion knows not of comfort. All that matters is the face you show the world.

Blair - S1E5

when you were young.

16 June 2011

I've been eyeing up this shirt since yesterday and today after my mother left I just took it from her closet! I absolutely love it! I love the little diamante detail it has the the pattern and the cute buttons. I don't own any denim anymore so I think I'm now falling in love with it! 
I spent my day looking for curtains, as I have none and I think I've found the perfect ones, I'm trying to envision my future room so they sort of have to go with that. Anyway I have some from my mum to choose from as she footing the cost as she's partly responsible for why the sun blinds me at 6am every morning, grrr.
close up of the pattern :) 

It's just starting pissing it down with rain, I got caught in a bit earlier but nothing as bad as this! Grateful for that as I only had a hoodie on me.

Had dinner at The Cuban in Camden as I bought a voucher from Groupn so it was about £40 worth of food for £16. Thing is I didn't really enjoy it, it was Cuban tapas and well I just didn't think it was tasted nice. It lacks something. I thoroughly enjoyed the tapas I've had at La Tasca, though so I haven't given up on tapas forever. It was nice though to treat my friend and I felt like I was being treated because I paid for it so long ago! I have a £25 massage I am yet to use!

pretty reckless

15 June 2011

You must have heard about our lovely gossip girl star flashing her boobies at Download Festival last weekend. I'm so gutted I wasn't there!
this is a gif, click it to get the full effect of her antics at download.

My crush on her has only increased. I don't care how old she is, her trashiness is so appealing to me.
Too bad I really don't like her bands music! Still would have love to see this live. 


14 June 2011

GABOS - Game Ain't Based on Sympathy 

(google images)
Recently I've taken to watching a lot of TV shows online because I have nothing to do since my exams have finished. Latest show I've watched was a documentary, Louis Theroux's Miami Mega Jail. You can watch it on youtube in parts, as it's no longer on the BBC website. It's a two series documentary.

I thought the documentary was interesting, the second part more than the first. It gives you the basic insight that allows you to get interested and think more about these sorts of things. I've never been one for showing any interests in shows about the American Jail System because quite frankly I dislike anything to do with jail. The main thing I learnt was that 'jail' and 'prison' are two different things. Jail is for those who are pre-trial.

I found the term "gunning" (used in the the first part) interesting, mostly quite disgusting and if I was a guy I'd be ashamed of myself. Gunning refers to men masturbating in front of the female officers. The one guy near the end McCray or something laughs at the whole situation which I can see why he does, two years with no sex so far and I'm sure he's not any closer to getting out.  He blabs on about how they should be entitled to porn magazine. Entitled is the wrong word, but I do think they should just throw some in their for the men. But overall I think it's your own fault that you got sent to prison, so if you're going to wank don't openly make the female guards be your source of desire. Honestly I would feel so devalued.

(screen capped)

The bootcamp in the second part just annoyed me, I've never been a fan of any of them that I've seen on TV. I obviously get that these kids have done horrific crimes but I do not understand how they think the techniques they use work. It's famously known that prison/jail doesn't rehabilitate, it just teaches "don't get caught" and I think the same stands for bootcamp. I'll admit it, the main thing about bootcamp that irritates me is, it's nothing like the real world and it never should be. Then again I do fully understand that maybe that is just punishment for the terrible crimes they have committed. Once again the power and control thing was evident by the trainers. It always strikes me in these situations, what kind of person do you have to be to do this job? Are your power hungry and this is on the only way you can gain that? Or do you genuinely care about the people in your bootcamp? The guys in this one didn't seem too bad.

(google images)
GMASH - Get Money and Stop Hatin'

I found Robert Shaw (on the right) in the second part to be really like-able. Maybe because he writes. Maybe because I know people like him. But more because he's not about putting on an image. You always find that with some of those who've done time, some do realise that the actions of others towards you is not a personal insult or an actual reflection of yourself. Whether he should be let out or not is another debate, but he seems to be tired of the life he use to lead and genuinely sounds like he's learnt something from his time in jail.

I found Louis Theroux's interview techniques perfect for this situation, by this I mean they were perfectly standard questions and approaches but he's quite a neutral person so I think they found it very easy to talk to him. He doesn't look intimidating and the questions he asked didn't seem bias or judgmental. I've never seen any other documentary of his so I can't do any comparisons, but I felt his attitude was able to produce insightful results. 

I think one of the most powerful shots was during the first part, after the guy explains GABOS and Louis asks him how old he is and he says "27" and then there's this shot:
(screen capped myself)
I think everyone can get at what they are trying to conclude with this shot.

I'm not writing this with any sort of reflection as to human rights etc (as this would go on for a while), I'm not sure if I'm even shocked at what I've watched. I think what gets me the most is the contentment that resonates among the inmates, they are neither overly proud or ashamed of what they have done/do and I think that's really important. Even if it's a lifestyle I do not agree with I admire the stand they take in their subculture and how they have established rules and "friendships" in order to survive. Some inmates go out for an hour twice a week. Two hours out of one hundred and sixty eight. Jail must be exceptionally tough, of course these guys have mostly committed violent crimes and/are from a similar lifestyle, so for them jail probably isn't that different, but it's still an entire shift and a limitation (imitation even) of life. I feel that most of these people don't understand the ultimate sacrifice they are making, trading their life to be inside for the death of another. In one case, 40 years for what ultimately results in $20, I do not see how the human mind could comprehend that this is okay. 

I cannot fathom a life in which I am forced into a combined space. 

flying high/sinking deep

6 June 2011

After running some errands, I returned some flat black shoes that I thought were perfect for me. They were lovely and suitable for work as well as just to wear out and about, but I wore them to the park one day last week and my toe did not thank me for the huge blister it gave me! I think they run a little too small :( I saw a post Kavita from I heart vintage did one time and noticed she bought a lot of jewellery from Matalan, I've never had one near me so never really had the chance to browse one, but as I was in Dalston I decided to pop in and see if there was anything I could spend my refund on. I only found I was interested in the jewellery and shoes (no luck there though) and ended up with these two.

I've wanted these two ring things for a quite a while, but I'm not really a jewellery girl so never actually got round to purchasing one, but at £2 I couldn't resist. Then I saw the beautiful bird and I knew I had to get him. Even the cashier commented on him. I like that they are both gold. I didn't pick anything else as I'm not sure if they use nickel in their jewellery, so I couldn't pick a necklace or bracelet as I may break out in a rash. Nothing really stood out to me anyway.

I'm going to sort out my clothes and then practice my Italian!
Searching for a room is such a hassle by the way, still I'm getting in contact with lovely people who will all be attending in September, so exciting. 

Sound of music

5 June 2011

Isn't my violin beautiful? I haven't played her in years! I was never good at it anyway.

So in a desperate bid to stop being a hoader and to clear out my room and to make money, I'm selling her.
So if you want a violin for cheap click here (or spread the word).
 She's been around for too long and deserves to go to someone who will play her.

I'm also selling my memo boards (a cork and magnetic one) so do check out my ebay account! 

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