26 June 2012

For some reason I'm really into cuffs and bracelets in general now. I bought those blue ones, along with another blue one from Accessorize to go with my dress that I wore on the weekend for a wedding. However I changed my dress last minute and the jewellery would never go, so I returned it today. I ordered the KG cuff last week and should have it on wrist today when I get home (fingers crossed mother didn't sleep through the delivery again). I really should get that ASOS cuff but I have to stop shopping because I go on holiday on Thursday!! I also found out that Rokit is not too far from me (I work in Leicester Sqaure, there is one in Covent Garden) and so I walked in there and ended up purchasing a waistcoat for £16. I'll need to pin back some of it, apart from that it's perfect! But here we go - here are some pieces that I really like at the moment.
I also bought a bunch of dylon dye off Ebay, because I can't be bothered to go looking for it and I won't start my DIY until after my holiday, so it's perfect for me. I want to make a jumper I saw someone wearing yesterday and I definitely know it's been a dye operation and well I'm going to recreate it, so keep checking back for that because I promise it's going to be amazing! 

 I still have to do last minute shops for two bikini's and maybe high tops, but we'll see about that! I have a killer cough, so rushing around won't really help that!

 I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday, I have a manic Wednesday coming up and then it's relaxation for 6 days :)

Sweet like...

22 June 2012

I spend my day looking at shoes I cannot wear. As my foot is royally fucked, I'm avoiding buying heels for a long time, but that just means I look. I have seen Kandee around for a while, but always on international sites and I'm not paying for custom charges. Anyway today as I was browsing New Look I saw they now offer Kandee shoes! I of course then find the Kandee website and you can just order it on there...Anyway! New Look is easy to order from and well just look at these beauties!
Kandee Shoes

If you love studs like I do then, these are just a perfect match for you. I love the pink ones and they are available from New Look online. If anyone wants to buy me then, so I can just look at them, then I'm willing to take gifts :)

How to be alone

21 June 2012

If you're like me then you probably feel awfully lonely all the time, but here is something to always always remember. And it's the god damn truth.

"Remember that,
 at any given moment
 there are 
a thousand things you can love"

Dream places

20 June 2012

Do you guys have any dream places you'd love to go to? Places that seem like absolute paradise? I bought my boyfriend this scratch map for Christmas and last week, I decided to put it up and last night. We scratched stuffed off where had both been and my boyfriend said "everywhere we have been is so insignificant". Thing is the big countries aren't the most beautiful (in my opinion), so I'd still be scratching off the small ones! Still it would be lovely to go to America or Russia to scratch the huge parts off!! However it did get me thinking about places I'd like to visit. 


The first is the beauty called Tuvalu a Polynesian. It is actually mainly reef and coral everywhere but it looks so pleasant. Not to mention it's not too far from Fiji.


Next up is Micronesia. It's made up of tiny islands owned by various countries. But aah gorgeous once again!


Finally I bring you Palau. This is a gorgeous destination. 

Honeymoon destination for sure but hey take me away for a romantic vacation here and pop the question and I might just say yes! This website here is perfect for wanting to know more about Palau and what you can do there. 

I'm basically obessed with bright green and blue looking places! But they just look so natural and will probably feel like paradise. Aaaah well one, can dream :) 

I am however going on holiday next Thursday to Gran Canaria, so I shall be satisfied with that. 

Recent Ebay purchases

11 June 2012


1 June 2012

Prints and graphic design, I have to get more of these. I love this, just throwing two different things together and making them work! I wore this last Monday :) 

Socks weren't intentionally in the mis-match lol 

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