24 February 2012

Off here until Monday to meet my boyfriends family and see parts of Ireland :)

Pretty in Pink.

21 February 2012

Just to go off to Nando's! 

Look what I've bought!

15 February 2012

Although I have little to no money at the moment (not my fault and I should be getting it back this week or next week) I had a little ebay browse and found these delights!

I only purchased 3 as they are quite cheap so I want to see what they are like first.
I've moved onto browsing for clothes but have no idea what to go for.

Can't wait to show off my pretties when they eventually arrive!

He had it coming.

10 February 2012

At the beginning of January me and my boyfriend went to see Chicago in Theatre. I forgot these pictures had been taken as I haven't used my camera in so long, I pulled it out today to take pictures of my nephew, scrolled through and saw these AND some new years snaps. Oh dear! Anyway, this was my boyfriend and I when we got back - we decided to opt for whatever poses we wanted!

I'm hoping to start carrying my camera around with me more. 
I've gotten way to used to using my iPod touch as it's always with me for music&games!

Pilates girl!

3 February 2012

Been doing Pilates DVDs this whole week, really enjoy it and then saw these half price items and thought i'd grab myself a bargain :)

New arrival!

2 February 2012

I haven't made time for anything just yet!

And no he is not mine! 

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