Exploring Scotland: Isle of Arran

28 September 2020

I genuinely cannot believe it's been so long since I've written a blog post, I definitely got caught up in my BookTube channel and studying. I've completed my Master's degree now and at the moment I am on a break from YouTube (I took time off to write my dissertation) and I really wanted to share these photos I took when I visited Arran back in July. 

We drove from Glasgow (I actually managed to drive us partway there) to the Ardrossan Ferry Terminal and got the ferry to Arran for about 11am. We had no real plans other than to just wander around and sometimes have no plans is just my favourite way to explore places. We ended up driving to Blackwaterfoot which is a village in Arran. It was so lovely to be so close to the sea, I know the last time I was near a sea before that was in Italy when I was visiting my friend in Latina. It was a pretty mild day when we went, it was raining in the morning but tapered off to a drizzle and then nothing in the afternoon. 

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