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31 October 2009

Taking naps at like 6pm really isn't a good thing, I was meant to meet a friend at 8 and overslept til 9 and i couldn't be bothered to go after..oh well, I've caught up on work today, I honestly don't know why other people have been stressing, I'm much further behind than anyone and I sitll caught up! Halloween tomorrow/tonight! Dressing up should be funn.

Sorry for the dark pictures, the light was broken in my room!
Wednesdays outfit.

My yellow coattttt, I will get a better picture of this.
Yep, I'm a witch for halloween, it cost my £1 in the wonderful poundland!

Dinner. I'm addicted to this stuff.
Cheese sauce, red onions, mushrooms & chicken.
I added frankfuters this time, never again.
Finally got this earring holder when I went back to london, I ordered it like a month ago, but it came from hong kong and then the postal strike and yeah. It just makes me want to get more earrings!
It's quater past one and I don't have a lot to do so I think I will jump in the shower for now.


30 October 2009

I woke up for nothing today as my lecturer didn't show, well I left after 15minutes of waiting, such a shame because I was extremely tired today and already missed one lecture (although i've mad a permenant decision to not attend it because its worthless) so therefore no lectures today! I have a tutorial in exactly two minutes but i'm at home because the last time I went it was not helpful. I shall go to it the next time it's on incase their is a register this week.
Anyway, London pictures.

Now I need to eat, as I've been doing a bit of work and actually want to carry on but i'm lacking energy. I'm changing my diet and it's stressful and leaving me drained at the moment, but hopefully it should pay off. Tomorrow, pre-party, party, after party? Hopefully.

when the blood dries in my veins.

29 October 2009

I'm excited to be blogging again, although no one reads it, I love doing it for myself.

This has been me lately.

I wore this on monday to go food shopping, I've owned this top for like 5 years and worn it like 3 times.
I just love the colour for some reason.
I've worn this skirt twice. It's a bit too short at the back and i can never find anything that goes perfectly with it :(

i later changed it into this for my spanish class because the top revealed a lot of belly when i moved and i'm not ready to deal with wandering eyes.

tuesdays outfit.
i'm lacking inspiration but i'm comfortable

i've also been wearing a lot of red lipstick lately. I used to dab a bit on during the summer,
but i'm finding now i really like it on me.
I need to take pictures of my little shopping spree. But I got myself a yellow coat! It's bright and not me but I totally wanted it when I saw it. And my friend who hates the fact that I wear black all the time loved it. He is certainly inspiring me to wear more colour!
song: beyonce - broken hearted girl

birmingham part 2.

28 October 2009

I finally finally FINALLY have internet at my place! Woo. Overdue photos but whatever, I can finally blog and do whatever. Oh and work at home, yay for that...

we met this performer named master shortie, he was really good.
ignore my face & lol @ his face

family photo. this was the people i spent most freshers week with.

in the centre is a dj named reggie yates, everyone was excited to see him.
he just reminds me of a game that's like named after him & it makes me laugh.


i stick my tongue out WAAY too much in photos.

This ends my freshers week photos! finally. no order to these either. I have photos from when I went to london, but they'll come later.

song: Chase & status - End credits (listen listen listen)

in londonnnnnnn.

25 October 2009

I am slacking but I've only just got the CD for my laptop in an attempt to make it work. I came down from Birmingham for the weekend to see my family and friends. Mostly friends and I've had such a good weekend. I have some serious money issues going on but they're all sorted now, so now I really will be living on a budget like all students! I have some nice goodies to post about but I really don't know how I'll get round to it. I was meant to be getting a new laptop but with the lack of money I can't afford it and my laptop is still being weird, soo hmm. Anywaaay, just wanted to update to show I'm still out theree. These pictures actually represent my life in the past four weeks. You meet so many people and get influenced by so many people, it's fun & exhausting but I just feel totally free there. I did get a bit homesick at the beginning of this week but I'm ready to go back! :)

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