Headspace - Take 10 Review

30 September 2015

Let me start off by saying I have some pretty awesome friends and one of my friends pointed me in the direction of Headspace after I was talking about how my anxiety was getting out of control on Twitter. I'd heard of Headspace when it first launched, but really didn't care about meditation and back then it was bloody expensive. But when she mentioned it to me, I was like you know what it wouldn't do any harm to try it again. I've tried meditation apps and some of them have been great, I've just never been consistent with it.

What's on the wishlist

27 September 2015

It's that time of the year again in the UK when it starts to get cold and all you want to do is go home and crawl under your duvet for warmth and peace. Because most of my days are like that, I decided to take a look at my wish list/to buy list and then decided to put them together for this post. Because y'know, I have time on my hands people, even if I have no money!
Items to buy

Thoughts on what you are not

23 September 2015

Happy Hump Day all! I thought today would be the perfect day to share this post with you all, as it might get you over the last of the working week quicker and feel better about yourself.

Duty Free Shopping

19 September 2015

Aside from the excitement of being on holiday, I was really excited for my holiday because of duty free shopping in MAC! I had my list ready and was hoping to get my hands on a couple of bits. However they didn't stock the lipstick shade or highlighter colour that I wanted (I was in the Luton airport, so go figure). I did however end up with foundation that I wanted which is MAC's Studio Fix Power Plus Foundation.

I wear a liquid foundation at all times. I've tried a cream one from Sleek which I enjoyed but my preference really is liquid foundations for their ease of application. I think it Jackie Aina who said she used this MAC foundation as a touch up when she was on the go because it's a powder foundation.

September Book List

9 September 2015

So I'm quite late with this one, but in my defense I was on holiday and this isn't really the kind of post you can write in advance. But it's here and I am feeling quite confident in my ability to finish my goodreads challange, as I manage to finish two books whilst on holiday, leaving me only 2 books behind. I managed to finish 5 books in August, which was great because in I managed just one, and I think my disappointment was quite evident in my August Book List.

Ibiza 2015

6 September 2015

So on Friday I came back from a week in Ibiza. I had so so much fun and definitely would visit the it sometime again. I didn't take a lot of pictures out there because I couldn't be bothered to lug my camera there and my phone camera quality is rubbish. I did however manage a couple of snaps of the sunset and some beaches so I thought I'd share those!

I'm so sad to have come back to a cold, gloomy England but it makes me more determined to get away to somewhere sunny this time next year!

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