All in white!

29 April 2011

Safe to say I love my Birthday dress!
Saves me shopping around and getting stressed. I hope I don't jinx myself on the night and spill anything on me, I don't usually but because I'm wearing white I fear for the worst.

Is everyone watching the wedding?
I woke up and caught the part where they said 'i do' etc.
What a wonderful dress. Sarah Burton from McQueen, lovely!
Then turned the telly off!
Although my tweets are telling me I've missed the kiss. Not too gutted I have to say!

I should do revision but I'm really not in the best mood, hoping a bath will sort that out!
Have a lovely day everyone :) 

Paprika Dress!

25 April 2011

As I have been stalking the ASOS website because my brother was placing an order, I came across this Paprika Dress in my search for a birthday dress.

I think it's so cute and it isn't anything I've seen on anyone I know, so I really wanted it. Paprika also seem to have some other really cute stuff. Also my brother wanted to get free delivery so he let me choose a dress. AND if I like it, it will be my present. 
I hope I actually like it when it comes, I never wear white so this will be interesting. 
If this isn't a fit then my search for a dress continues.

Hope everyone enjoys their Bank Holiday Monday!
I'll be writing essays, hahah :(

Ciao xx

Happy Easter!

24 April 2011

I hope everyone is having a lovely sunday! I'm not stuffing my face with Easter Eggs sadly but I'm still enjoying my day all the same. I did however go out earlier today to get myself some chocolate, aside from that I've just been cleaning.

Ciao xxx


22 April 2011

Haha Rihanna is such a boss!
Didn't even think the purse was possible!

I'm now also a redhead again!

yellow sunshine!

21 April 2011

How cute is this haha?
Suns been here for a couple of days, I'm actually loving it. I've spent a fair bit of time enjoying myself and not enough time doing revision but I just can't help it.

It's my birthday in two weeks, uh-oh!

Mercy - Jodi Picoult

18 April 2011

MercyMercy by Jodi Picoult

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not one of her best but considering it's some of her earlier stuff I'm not that let down by it. It was really pleasant to read aside from that I don't have much to say about it. I think the most interesting thing about this is how she makes us read about love in a brand new way. I guess she really shows that love and mercy really do go hand in hand (amongst other things) and she's right 'what would you do for someone you love?

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wish list

16 April 2011

I've been wanting something from Vivienne Westwood for ages. At first I wanted a purse but last year when I was working at Forever21, one of the boys there had the vw earring in and that's when I decided I really needed to own some of her jewelery! My loan comes in soon and three days after that it's my birthday, I think this calls for an amazing present to myself! I know I'm certainly getting the necklace, I'll have a think about the earrings.

Aren't they gorgeous?! I can't wait to treat myself!
I have loads of things in mind of what I want but I actually need to find the perfect fit for it.

Vivienne Westwood PVC Boots

15 April 2011

Whilst looking at this website for another thing (or two) to add to my wish list and I came across these boots:

They come in all colours and they are even bubblegum scented! They look perfect for a festival, you know how everyone wears Hunters at festivals this could easily as work.

I'm very tempted to get them but am in the moment of remembering all the things I ever wanted and this will have to wait.

Khloe K's Shoe collection

14 April 2011

Safe to say, I want something like this in the future! I mean one pair of Louboutins would be a dream come true but of course being a Kardashian, one can never be enough!

Creative shoes!

13 April 2011

I've always seen pictures of the chewing gum shoe floating around and then by using stumbleupon (I only started using it last week or so) I came upon a whole bunch of them! Some of them are just so fun to look at! They're designed by Kobi Levi who attended Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem (on a side note I really want to go to Tel Aviv)!

"Levi takes everyday objects and incorporates them into a creative pair of high heels."
You see more here and read the article.

Cow Vintage

12 April 2011

I finally got to wear this on Sunday, it's now what I would usually pick up so I felt really anxious about wearing it out. But it was comfortable and I really love the colour and pattern on it. It will take me time to get used to it, not because I don't like it but because I feel I'll have to go through a lot of friends saying "oh that's not you" which sometimes makes it really hard to except that you actually like something. But regardless, I wore it out and loved it and will continue to do so :)

my pride, it won't let me fall victim no more.

11 April 2011

I'm not even really sure how to dress for summer sometimes. My wardrobe lacks any inspiration! This was Friday, nice & sunny.

sunday lovin'

10 April 2011

Very blonde themed!
Have a lovely Sunday all, I'm feeling a bit under the weather, which is a shame with the sun :(

critically couture.

7 April 2011

The sun is sooo lovely! I just such a lovely lunch date at La Tasca the food and company has made me really happy :)
This picture inspires me to get loads of pretty dresses this summer, they are so smart and elegant with such lovely colours too! Ahh, I cannot wait for the 3rd of may!
I've handed in all my work so until Monday I'm being work free after that it's revision and another essay of 3,500 words. Eek!

wish list.

6 April 2011

Ralph Lauren Crested Polo T-shirt

This is being added to my wish list, can't really explain it but I just want this! I love how people look in polo shirts. I absolutely adore purple and I really like the yellow lining on the sleeves. I'm hoping it comes back in stock during the summer because I really really really want it!

I've nearly completed all my work, by tomorrow I'll be totally stress free. Excellent!

p.s it's a month until my birthday!

sunday lovin'

3 April 2011

So yes, I've finally gotten round to doing sunday lovin' again. Here is a random collection of things. most outfit inspired. I threw in a couple that have beautiful light!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday, I've been a busy bee!

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