A wishlist!

24 November 2012

Between doing work and some incredibly procrastination, I have found some Christmas items I must have. With such a short list, I am giving it to my family, so that I can be a happy girl on Christmas day. But let's take a look at what they are are:


Skull Embellished Jumper - £20 - Lavish Alice

Studded Black Boots - £40 - Topshop

I'm already really excited, as I am so poor at the moment! I can't decide between the Motel dresses though. I want the green because it's gorgeous, but I'm tempted to ask for purple because it's my favourite colour, hm decisions.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. 


Mark my words.

18 November 2012

For me exercise is a love/hate relationship. In the past I have had to force myself into any type of exercise  I really did just loathe it. This year thought I have been really keen on Pilates and then Yoga (and they both count as exercise, they are by no means easy). And then I couldn't do them for a while, so then it all went out of the window. But since July, I've really wanted to actually go to the gym regularly.

So this week, I joined a gym and I have been 4 times so far! I came to London on Friday, so my gym duties are put off until I'm back, but yes, I'm proud of myself! I'm still finding my way around the gym; I've been on the cable pulley thing, as if I'm rowing a boat or so. Been on the cross trainer etc etc. However I find myself with a bit of gym shyness, which is frustrating because I know that in order to get the results I want I need to be using the weights.

I really want to exercise for various reason:

  • I want to tone up - no shame in being vain! 
  • I want to be able to run for the bus without feeling like death is approaching
  • I won't be blessed with a fast metabolism forever, so may as well not pile on the pounds, especially with my diet! 
But in the gym, people stare. Like goodness me, I couldn't imagine anything worse for my SA than a huge room filled with people (this also happens to be filled with equipment). But alas, I did manage to fight the pesky anxiety and use some weight leg machine. I didn't manage to do much and after that I quickly bolted before my anxiety reached an all time high. 
Anyway gym and fitness can also be confusing, like is stretching before actually bad for you or not? What foods should you eat? Do you really need to take protein shakes? There is SO much information out there about the gym and female bodies, that it's hard to know which one will work for you. For now I've started off by taking on what I can, now I'm drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. Trying out different veg and adding loads to my meals. However staying motivated is what concerns me - with most things I do I throw in the towel after two weeks.

Thing is I feel really great after I workout and it’s really excellent from taking my mind of the blues that frequent me. So it’s a winner overall! Anyway, watch this space for my body transformation (haha). But here are some more words and pictures I use to keep me motivated. 

I actually have this on my noticeboard

How do you stay motivated?


Battle Born.

17 November 2012

Yesterday night was perfection - I got to see The Killers at the o2 arena in North Greenwich. This is my 2nd time seeing them and they just blew me away again. I wish I got some good pictures, but I was waaay to busy drinking, jumping up and down and singing my lungs out. So you have loads of photos of lights.

It was such an AMAZING night, even if I got attacked by a very very drunk woman. She even attacked her husband, very lovely. Anyway if you haven't listened to their new album "Battle Born" do so immediately, it's so great!


Spread your wings, my little butterfly.

10 November 2012

So with my student loan finally coming in, I did a little bit of a shop! I can't even remember half of what I've bought now, but I have managed to acquire two pairs of trainers and some high heels (although these were a gift). I thought what better wa o keep my blog updated and show off my goodies? I finally have a pair of high tops! And I got them off ebayfor a bargain of £30 (inc. postage). I love them AND they have purple features, so goood :)

I just love them! 

The next thing to show is my heels! They were a gift and they are incredibly high!
Currently £10 at Republic.

Say hello to my purple Vans! Schuh are doing this and many more for £30, so I would log on to the website if you want a pair!

Love these, love purple. So I'm really happy with my bargains and new footwear!

Time to Change

25 October 2012

Tomorrow I'm going to be helping out with a campaign called 'Time to Change' it's a campaign dedicated to challenging the stigma around mental health. So that's ranges from anxiety, to depression to schizophrenia and everything in the middle! You can find out more about them on their website Time to Change and you can make a pledge to start ending the discrimination here

I've never really talked about my mental health on here and I don't think I will too much, as that's not what I created this blog for. But I do think it is something that needs to be spoken about more openly! I'm putting myself out there because it means a lot to me, so I certainly have to share it in my blog. The event will look a bit like this (this is from Leicester's pop up village).

So if you're in Birmingham tomorrow, pop down to Cathedral Square Park, it's right next to Snow Hill station. We'll have loads of activities going on and you have a chance to find out more about what Time to Change are doing and more about mental health and how you can talk to people about it. We won't even want any money from you! :) There will be face painting, live music and other bits of entertainment - plus I'll be there smiling away, trying to entice people - it's all for a really good cause! 

Don't forget to visit the website!

I haven't loved you in a long long time.

9 October 2012

I bought this lovely dress last week. 
I benefited from a wonderful 20% off, but it also caused me to lose my university card :( 

I'm slacking now because I'm a slacker but also because I have a whole week to catch up on. 


Yes yes, I'm still doing holiday photos.

23 September 2012

She isn't still showing us her holiday photos is she? I know, I know. But I haven't done an outfit post in so long and I never did get round to showing this outfit from holiday, so here we are! 

I look out my window and it's a very different sort of weather to what is pictured here! 
Grey skies and a lot of rain. Great. 


Material Love

8 September 2012

Today I bring you two things that have entered my life and caused me to squeal with excitement.

First things first - I won something. I actually won something. I won a FiloFax from The Sunday Girl blog. Even more amazing I won a purple one - purple is my favourite colour. So thank you very much Sunday Girl! I love this FiloFax, I have never owned one but now it comes with me everywhere. I feel a bit more grown up with it and now I never forgot the things I'm supposed to be doing, like attending doctors appointments and such. I use it for carrying self encouraging quotes and such, honestly it's like a life saver, it keeps me organised and positive. Anyway, here marvel at the gorgeousness:

Second - I am now an owner of a Tablet. The Versus Touchpad to be exact. Purchased for me by someone very close to my heart and just as well because I couldn't justify it to myself to buy it. I swore I would never get a tablet as I found them useless, "computers are better." I would say and I still think that, but I now see how accessible the tablet it. Before I even got it I'd ordered covers, so that my baby was extra beautiful:

 I also swore I would never make use of a kindle "but it doesn't feel like a real book." I would say, and no it doesn't but the Kindle App is on my tablet and I have already bought 4 books on it. I just finished my first book on the Kindle App and it is not the same as finishing an actual book. But it's convenient, and for me there are some books I don't want to be caught reading in public (no it's not Fifty Shades of Grey). So overall my tablet wins, although I'll never stop buying real books, I will embrace the Kindle App for making my reading much easier.

So of course the lesson I've learnt here is never say never. But anyway, I'm embracing my inner gagdet lady. That's not to say I will never buy a book again (I've already ordered two) or that I won't use my laptop (I'm typing on it right now). But for those days when I just want to quickly look up something, or watch a tv programme, my tablet will be firmly attached to me. Now you can marvel at my baby:

Cheeky bit of desperate housewives there! So yep there you have it, material love. 
Consumerism at its best...

Enjoy the wonderful weekend weather


Set in Green.

22 August 2012

and this

 I love this Essie Set in Stone, it's excellent for adding that little extra. I also love the China Glaze & OPI nail varnishes I got, they will definitely be making an appearance on here.

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