Empties #4

20 August 2015

Ahhha another empties post. I always say these are my favourite posts to read and write because only then do you really get to talk about you feel about a product. So I've stashed away another products that I've used up and I decided it was time to get talking about and throw them out!

New purchases - Revlon, NYX & Wet n Wild.

16 August 2015

This month I have been shopping like crazy, honestly I've ordered so much off ASOS and other sites and sent loads of it back but I've still managed to spend a ridiculous amount but it's all for my holiday.

One thing I haven't picked up too much of (but I do plan to after my next payday) is make-up. I decided I wanted some more lip colours and so I went out and got just that, and then some.

A London Adventure: The Beach - Brent Cross

11 August 2015

I know, I know, it looks like I'm totally milking this London Adventure thing, but hey it would seem I'm not as much of a hermit as I make out to be - and I like to share!

A couple of weekends ago I ended up in one of London's man-made beaches out in Brent Cross. If you don't know Brent Cross is famous for it's shopping centre, for some reason they decided to change some of the empty space into a beach and funfair area. I had no idea this existed until my friend told me and we went there with her younger siblings. This is basically a pop up beach and fun fair aimed at the little ones. 

August Book List

1 August 2015

Ahh so another month has gone by, and I this has been my most shocking month as I only managed to read one book. Although really two, I finally finished Overcoming Low Self Esteem so yaay. I’m not even sure why I only started and finished one book this month, yes The Goldfinch is a long book, but I’ve read books like that in a shorter amount of time. I have been out and about this month, so I guess I just have to put it down to that. I enjoyed The Goldfinch, it was well written and a great story that spans out across many years. I do however think, that had it not been so heavily publicised I never would have picked it up, but I am glad I did. You can see what a story like that takes time to write and it was just really refreshing for me to read.

I only just started Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock so I can’t comment about it, and I haven’t started my third book yet, so yup it's a very short and sweet summary for the month. This means for this month I’ve decided to pick up two books, I didn't read in July.  I have a holiday booked at the end of the month, so I may be able to squeeze in one more.

So my reads this month are the two books I didn’t managed to finish last month. I don’t have much to say about them as I said it all in my last month’s book list.

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