thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great.

31 August 2009

A bunch of stuff that inspire me.

Rooms also count in this as I need to buy stuff for my uni room, aaaaaah so excited!
Reading was good, I enjoyed most of the bands I saw. I don't know if i'll attempt a festival again but it was okay.
I have no idea where these images are from as I took them from random tumblr. Let me know if they're yours or you recognise them :)

american suiteheart

26 August 2009

I'm off to Reading early Thursday morning, so I'm staying at a friends tonight. I have done some intense packing! I shall take pics of anything & everything! Hopefully a weekend of boozing & cigarettes (i've gone off them slightly in the past two weeks, but we'll see) and style sightings! I am taking red shades with me though! I hope everyone has a good weekend.

i'm gonna take you out tonight

23 August 2009

today was a very warm day, met some friends for a late lunch and drinks.
Lately I feel like I don't have enough time for anything, so annoying.

across the universe.

20 August 2009

that's that TOPSHOP jumper right?
i'm a happy girl today! i passed my a-levels with ABB, which gets me into my uni. I move on september the 27th! :) I have a lot to do before then.

I just want to put a smile on your pretty face, if I didn't it'd just be a pretty waste!

19 August 2009

hell yes.

i make them good girls go bad.

16 August 2009

so simple & chic


i'm not your toy, this isn't another girl meets boy.

13 August 2009

i didn't wear the sandals with this outfit, but i am just wondering what these sandals will go with. they are actually quite baggy on my legs which i don't like, hmmm.

i adore this ring! i really should see if accessorize still have the 'love' one and wear it at the same time.

with love.

9 August 2009

but i know your heart belongs to someone you've yet to meet

7 August 2009

Back from Leicester, I got home in the pouring rain last night.

i let my friend give me a make-over.



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