New dress :)

29 April 2012

This is my gorgeous new dress from River Island!
I went on a bit of a shopping spree today. Got three items in the New Look sale which are absolutely gorgeous purchases. I have no idea where I'll wear this dress but it's gorgeous. I nearly got 

but wasn't for me. I love the print on it though, Zebra and other prints - absolutely gorgeous. 

I'm loving that prints and aztec are so in fashion because I absolutely love them. I didn't buy one black thing on my shopping trip, so I'm very proud of myself! 

2 bags full.

26 April 2012

Two days at an exhibition and this is what I'm left with. This all has to be compiled into a presentation for next Friday. Which also happens to be the night I'm celebrating my birthday! I'm turning 21 :/ Anyway, looads of stuff to do, including that essay that I haven't even touched!

Sunday 15th April 2012

23 April 2012

My Sunday in Ireland. We went to a deer park but we didn't actually see any deers. The place was gorgeous though, so we wandered around for a while. We also went to see Titanic in 3D that night, I wasn't a big fan of it, it wasn't 3D enough for me, but my boyfriend loved it!

Boots Magnetic nail varnish. We did go and see the Titanic that night, so  I felt it was appropriate.
I really like nail varnish, I'm a bit clumsy with it though, but I love how it comes out as waves :) 

That pretty much sums up my time in Ireland! It's such a beautiful country and really quite different from England. Certainly want to go back again. 

Fashiolista - my latest loves.

22 April 2012

I've been dying to find a galaxy top! The closest I've found to one I liked is a mens one off Ebay! It would involve me cutting off the sleeves and making it, a little more feminine and I might have to cave in and purchase soon. I will keep up my search for about one more week. 

I also have some VW jewellery in there! I've been on the hunt for her army pendant that says 'too fast to live, too young to die' but I've had absolutely no luck! I've had my eye on it for years now and now its seems it's no where to be found. 

And of course the last one is a playsuit. My love of playsuits still hasn't stopped! Although they can be a hassle, there just seems to be so many beautiful ones around. Are any of you on Fashiolista? It's handy for keeping track of all the things you love! Follow me and I'll certainly follow you back! Have a wonderful Sunday :) xxx

All aboard!

21 April 2012

So last Friday, I hopped onto an early AM flight (which was severely delayed) with my boyfriend, off to Ireland to see his family. It was the best weekend ever, was absolutely peaceful, relaxing and just wonderful. Life in the country side is divine! 

We didn't do much on the Friday as we were shattered from the flight, but I did have the lovliest home cooked meal! On the Saturday we went to a coastal down called Kinsale. It just so happened that it was Saturday 14th - the day the Titanic sunk. We didn't actually realise that until we got there but yeah there's that. The weather was pretty awful, so all we did was take pictures and buy some things from the shop.

"Jack I'm flying!"

Going North! 

So that was was my Saturday. This Saturday is very different though, I've slowly been getting creating a questionnaire for a 5,000 word essay. University kills my soul! I have Sunday outfits somewhere but that will just have to wait until I'm feeling energetic again!

Nail Rock

20 April 2012

Continuing my nail obession, I came across this website
Nail Rock
and I'm in love with all the different prints they have! I decided to make two purchases today! My birthday is looming and I'm not sure any one knows me well enough to get me gifts I'll absolutely adore, so I've taken it upon myself to spoil myself :)

I haven't actually tried these stick on nail things, but I do have some that I bought from Penneys (Primark in England, but I purchased them there) and I plan to try them this weekend! Fingers crossed they go well as my boyfriends sister had them and they looked fabulous. And I'm looking forward to trying these ones out because they look absolutely gorgeous. 

 I also got my self some design eyeliner prints. They look lovely and will be great for a night or just wanting to look fabulous! Plus I'm really lazy when it comes to liquid eyeliner, unless I have plenty of time to do it I don't usually bother! 

They have a more exciting one for those of you that are a pro at doing your eye liner and what something more exciting. They also have lip designs, eye tattoo designs and of course loads and loads of nail designs. 

I highly recommend you check them out and I will certainly let you know how the products turn out when I use them!
You also get 10% off your first purchase! They were lovely enough to give me this off, even though I'd already purchased and not put in the code! 

Nail talk.

13 April 2012

I've suddenly got a nail varnish obession going on! This is the Rimmel print one and I tried it on black nail varnish and it came out horrid! Evidently you need to use light colors for the red to be dominant. I'd painted this Rimmel violet (bought it along with the pattern one and a nail repair thing).so decided to put the red on that and it didn't turn out too bad!

I'm in Ireland and a trip to Boots for eyeliner allowed me to get the the Boots magnetised. Can't wait to try it but I'm too in love with my violet nail varnish!

Aztec Loving

12 April 2012

Some how I've become attracted to Aztec prints! I bought this wonderful Miso cardigan/wrap thing from Republic about a month ago, I couldn't decide if I liked it or not but after wearing it, I've decided I absolutely love it. Whilst shopping for that I saw some other Aztec prints and found myself loving it. I'm glad I'm starting to get out of my black era – feels good to be stepping out of a comfort zone and into more colourful and expressive clothing.
Aztec Loving

£30 -

£24 -

Miso romper
£26 -

coral aztec printed cut out playsuit
£18 -

The joys of filters

11 April 2012

Can you believe I'm going to Ireland again and I haven't even put up my pictures from last on here?! I'm totally slacking! But I'll go through my iPod ones first before I do the real snaps! Until then I'll leave you with random photos.

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