end of term stress

31 March 2011

End of term means you start to panic about work you haven't done. I've got about 3,000 words to write by April 8th. I wouldn't be so worried if I just didn't spend my time lounging in bed watching House. I NEED MOTIVATION.

Here are pictures from me cam-whoring myself:

I didn't get these trousers :( they were sold out when I went to the Birmingham miss selfridge and their sold out online. Absolutely gutted!

I loveddd this outfit, the shirt is from Miss Selfridge me thinks and the bottoms from Topshop.

I wish I could say I was off to write my essay but I'm not, I'm going to eat and watch more House. After that though I'm going to go to my lecture and then go to the library :D

Beauty for Ashes - Joyce Meyer

30 March 2011

Beauty For Ashes: Receiving Emotional Healing (Revised Edition)Beauty For Ashes: Receiving Emotional Healing by Joyce Meyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this book really helpful, I'm not in anyway religious so I did tend to get really annoyed at some parts. For the main part I took the lessons from this and applied them to my life without the whole religious aspect.

The most powerful thing about this book for me, was it made me realise a lot about myself and the abuse I have faced. She says a lot of simple things that have made me realise how much anger and hurt I've been carrying inside of me and by her recognising it and saying simple things, I've really been able to start applying her suggested techniques to my life.

I do recommend this for those who need healing, it's a book that allows you to realise how much power you have over you life, but you need to take control at some point.

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Italia here I come!

27 March 2011

So remember this post about Italy? All well and truly inspired by the beautiful city I had to make a post about it. Well you might have also seen me talk about the interview I had for a study placement at a University in Milan and I got it! My uni rang me on wednesday and told me about it !!! It didn't set in then but everyone has been congratulating me and it's been wonderful. Anyway it only really just set in today that I will be living and studying there. I'm so excited, so much to see and experience. I know I will be so excited and it makes me feel reassured as where I am right now, I don't get excited about much.
I will be studying at Bocconi uni, I've already pretty much picked out my courses:

That's the best I could find of shots of the Uni.
So I think it's safe to say, I'll be bringing you pictures of all the places I want to visit.
I'm even planning budgets and everything now, for living and exploring.
Tough stuff but I'll certainly need to make the best of my stay there.

I'm also working on something really exciting at the moment, it's to do with my writing and I'm over the moon that I've been giving this opportunity.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday, I certainly have!

hey leopard.

21 March 2011

I can't wait to get these!
As soon as my money comes in tomorrow I'm running to miss selfridge for them.
I've already tried them on before but I'm certain I want it now.

Oh yeah bit by bit I'm getting rid of my old wardrobe. I desperately need a change in how I dress.

so have another drink and drive yourself home.

15 March 2011

this is so so good! "swag" haha but mostly just cute!

I really haven't had the time for blogging, between being exhauted, doing my work, being home and dealing with my crazy head, blogging has been left behind. Can't say when it'll come back though.

I dare you

14 March 2011

If you haven't heard everyone raving about Adele's album 21 then you've clearly been under a rock! This is another example of why it's beautiful:

Adele - One and Only.


10 March 2011

I've been looking into illustrations recently because of my marketing psychology module (presentation all done now) and it is lovely the things people draw by hand. If I can manage to get the illustrations we had I'll post them up for you to see how gorgeous they are!

le bon lait

9 March 2011

Look at these French Vintage milk bottles! I have a module for uni and we basically came up with the same idea as this company but obviously they make it look ten times better as they actually produced/are producing it. So so cute, you should see our mood board, we've pulled so much inspiration from France, this module was certainly a lot of fun. It all ends tomorrow with our presentation! Can you believe on of the girls invited us round to breakfast before the presentation? How cute!

Also this evian bottle is gorgeous. People buy these things just for the pretty design and then put flowers in them, or just keep them. Lovely!


7 March 2011

here comes a feeling you thought you'd forgotten.

5 March 2011

pub crawls produce weird and delightful things.
dyed t-shirts, face paintings and costumes.
I just had my t-shirt dyed and teamed it with my black high wasted shorts.
I'm off out tonight, me going out twice in a week is not like me at all.
Lately I've been going out once a month!
I've been at meetings and I have an interview for a study placement so I've been preparing for that, I really hope I get it. I'm incredibly excited.
I hope you've all had a fabulous week.


1 March 2011

cut and dyed t-shirt for my uni's pubcrawl which took place last night. It was such a fun night, I'm very glad that I went!
I wore my friends shoes which massacred my feet, the back of my ankles hurt so much and my left ankle has skin missing and a blister starting, apart from that very very good night.

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