sunday lovin'

29 November 2009

i'm back into good spirits,
happy sunday <3

tik tok.

21 November 2009

I'm in essex visting a friend. She's out at the moment horse riding and I was too lazy to move but thankfully because I saw the vera wang advert. I don't watch much TV and since being at uni I haven't watched any but this advert made me happy. I love zoe kravitz, she's such a beauty.
If you haven't seen it :

Also how skinny does Lady Gaga look in videophone? I have this thing with beyonce's album, I didn't like it when it first came out but then when they do the video and the songs constantly play I start to like the songs. Hmm, influence. Also liking Lady Gaga telephone with beyonce in it, i'm looking forward to the video.
Going to be a messy night tonight. Thursday was a good night in brum, went gay clubbing so much fun fun fun :)

50th post.

19 November 2009

Uninspired and depressed means my blog gets neglected. I'm not having the best time at the moment, i'm afraid!

I'm off to essex on friday to visit a friend and won't be returning til monday morning so posting should hopefully resuming on monday :)


sunday lovin'

15 November 2009

hey beautiful sunday.


go outside, it's beautiful.

11 November 2009

she is so hot.

beautiful <3

you and me could write a bad romance.

9 November 2009

boring boring boring (fridays outfit).
I need to upload pictures of my weekend!

Look at my newest beauty:

I can't wait until it arrives! I'm also hoping I will catch the re-delivery of my healthy eating cookbook. They give you the smallest letter boxes in my accomodation and they don't hold parcels for you so if you miss it you have to go collect it and it's a frikken 25min walk, I wouldn't know how to get their by bus seeing as I know nothing about the buses here.
I've spent too much money this week...and it's only monday. I'm yet to spend more because I need to get my hair done, sigh.

6th November 2009

6 November 2009

Kirsten Stewart for Elle. I'm not a fan of twilight, I haven't read the book but I saw the movie and was utterly bored to tears but she's looking hot here! It doesn't even look like her.

Financial accounting test tomorrow at 9.30am, omfg.
This has been one of the worsts weeks i've had in a while.

hello new shoes, goodbye blues.

4 November 2009

It's been raining on and off all day. I adore the rain, mainly when I'm inside but being out today in it was so refreshing. Mmm.

better pictures of my yellow coat!

My new purse from river island obviously... I just loved the studs.
Also an important new thing I got is my Blackberry you can see it on the bed (it's white) I want a purple cover for it though.

Food pictures.

Yesterdays dinner. Probably todays too. I don't eat green stuff so I was so proud of myself for actually buying it, adding it my food and then eating it. Home-made mash too, yaay :)
My lunch. I actually adapted the recipe a bit but still tasty!

I've basically been in all day revising. Had the most horrible pain in my side so I couldn't really move, too a quick trip to campus for the Arabian meet & greet and then came home. I think it's official I will never be going to my quantitative technique classes again, I've haven't been the past three weeks so no point in starting now.
Back to revision
song: palo nutini - loving you

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