17 January 2013

Forgiveness is all I can ask for, because I have no excuse for not keeping up with my blog! Ok, I just sat two final year exams and then there was Christmas and new years, all of which I spent my time revising throughout. So humble apologies! I'm glad to see my blog is still being read though! Makes me very happy! 

 I have done a spot of shopping here and there. I purchased these from New Look just before Christmas and I adore each and every single one of them!

As they were all in the sale, I'm sure they are gone from the website (no, I am not too lazy to go looking) I cannot link back. But just how gorgeous is that skirt! 

 Now, I'm at the point where I don't know what to do with my blog! You know how the new year makes people question things? Well I'm constantly questioning and pondering life in general, and alas when it comes to the blog, I have no idea where it is heading! It's just nice to have somewhere to post this stuff. So until I figure out a good direction, it will have to be sporadic posts like these! All in the midst of job applications and general life doings. You have been warned!

 I hope everyone is enjoying the weather. NOT. I hate the cold and now I have a cold, so I'm snuggling up with a book (not a uni textbook, so glad of this) and tea and cold medication. 


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