Princess dress

27 November 2011

I've acquired quite a few bits and pieces over the weeks but this by far is my favourite. 

I feel like a princess in it. My friends mum purchased it for me, it's from Lipsy. I haven't had the chance to wear it yet but it's gorgeous! She also got me a few other pieces that I will eventually get round to taking pictures of - including this wonderful nude(perhaps) coloured shirt. 

I got myself a pair of jeans from Bershka yesterday, after over a year I finally purchased a pair. I love them and now will not struggle to fit into them :) as I did with my old pair of jeans, I think that was a combination of too many washes and too much pasta and gelato eating! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday

Barking Market

24 November 2011

Last Saturday whilst I was in London, my boyfriend and I went down to Barking Market because he wanted to buy discounted designer underwear. No luck in that department - I did however discover two blazers.

For some reason blogger is not seeing that these photos are rotated to it's posting it like that - sorry! 
I didn't purchase either of them. The pink was too tight for any arm movement and the green I wasn't sure of just because of the green it was. 

I've been flying back between London and Milan and it really isn't as glamourous as it sounds - plane delays, screaming babies and being ill make it such a stressful journey!

from my last post until now.

16 November 2011

Dressed up for : 
The Lion King at the Theatre!


much needed retail therapy. 
can't even stress this. 

rainy days to match my horrible life.
hello hotel in brighton!

Brighton was good to me and made us start afresh.

Between falling apart I've had some good times.
And now it seems like things are looking up :)

I've done a fair amount of shopping but I'm never in one place for longer than a week now,
so no time to take pictures :( 

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