30 June 2010

Warped Tour, June 26th, 2010.

I'd never wear them but funny idea.

lets just show some more appreciation.

29 June 2010

awh she's married now, how nice :)

i've converted

22 June 2010

I never used to find her hot and hated peoples obession with her but I've come across some photos that I sit and stare at. She's fucking beautiful in some photos, so whilst I have not converted fully I will admit I'd go gay for her.

And you may have realised I'm not in Indonesia, my passport went missing/got stolen, I won't go into details but yeah :(
i've decided to stay here and work for the summer and me and my friend are planning a holiday for the end of september, possible egypt. if i work i get to pay off my debts and well be with my wonderful friends in london.

hiii sun.

17 June 2010

this is why i don't smile with my teeth.

i'm wearing my new maxi dress and i got my hair done!

The Unseen Madonna / Dolce&Gabbana Summer 2010

15 June 2010

oh she worked it!

sunday lovin'

13 June 2010

It's exactly a week until I leave for Indonesia! I'm incredibly excited!
I'm choosing to spend my last day at uni at Astonbury (my uni's very own Glastonbury, I understand how sad this is). I hope it doesn't rain as the weather says it might but I'll have sun, my friends, drinks and well no doubt that will be fun. I get the train back up to London for good and then begins a whole busy thing. I need to get my hair done, sor tout my backpack and then pack. Then having my leaving do on Friday rest and then fly awaaay!

Maxi dress.

12 June 2010

The gorgeous maxi dress I was talking about in the other post. I stole them off the website and they suggest similiar style sorry about the other pictures.

whilst we're on the subject might as well show more of Vanessa's style in season 3. her stylist has really stepped up because she did not have such good clothes in the other seasons.

This dress is also gorgeous!

I'm so hungry, I can't wait for my brunch. But other people need to hurry up, not my date just other people!

look what the cat dragged in.

11 June 2010

i ordered my camera today so no more crackberry photos (after this)! it should be with me tomorrow :)
I also did some shopping, all for Indonesia, hopefully I'll be able to wear them in London if it's sunny. I have some random pictures of stuff I bought and didn't. I'll take pictures of everything I got with my beloved tomorrow.

Topshop heart play suit, they look like pj's on me! :(

The shorts really didn't sit right and it was all a bit too much for me.
I don't think playsuits are for me!

Maxi dress from River Island.
I've been wanting one since I saw Vanessa in gossip girl wearing a beautiful one.
I ended up with this beauty and another one.

Nautical lace leotard from River Island.
It was pretty and only £14.99 but to be honest I don't think I'd ever wear it and I won't buy to just look at it in my wardrobe!

Dress from River Island. I liked it just not the chest part.
Basically I've become really addicted to prints and bright colours, which is a complete turn around considering I used to dress in all black, I still do sometimes but I'm letting those colours into my life! On another note I'm going out for the nicest brunch tomorrow! I'm so excited, it's also my 2nd date and I'm excited about that. But honestly I'm very excited for the food, ice-cream, pancakes and waffles! :)

camera time!

10 June 2010

So I get my bursary tomorrow and of course the first thing I'm doing is getting a new camera. I can't go to Indonesia and not take amazing picture/videos. I'm a bit torn for choice though. My limit is £50 because I can't really afford to spend more than that but some of these choices do go over but if they're that good I'm prepared to go over them. Basically I need help choosing so please help me!

so this is a bit bright. I may just get it in black. It's £59.99 just over my budget...

yeah over my budget too. another bright colour. thing is i've already had samsung and i'm not loyal to brands to i really will try anything out. £69.99

Fujifilm Finepix A170 in Blue
I'm very tempted to just get this. Within my budget and I adore the colour.

Nikon Coolpix L22 Digital Camera in Black (comes in red too)
£59.00 tempted....

one less lonely girl.

9 June 2010

i'm getting a new camera soon i promise!
I totally want a rose print skirt now, this is actually a dress but i wore it as a skirt.
I've moved most of my stuff out of my uni room, I'm spending a couple of days here and then it's back to London, then Indonesia then London for good until October!

sunday lovin'

6 June 2010

I hope every has had/is having a wonderful sunday!
Also if you actually want to know anything.
Loving this song!

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