Yes yes, I'm still doing holiday photos.

23 September 2012

She isn't still showing us her holiday photos is she? I know, I know. But I haven't done an outfit post in so long and I never did get round to showing this outfit from holiday, so here we are! 

I look out my window and it's a very different sort of weather to what is pictured here! 
Grey skies and a lot of rain. Great. 


Material Love

8 September 2012

Today I bring you two things that have entered my life and caused me to squeal with excitement.

First things first - I won something. I actually won something. I won a FiloFax from The Sunday Girl blog. Even more amazing I won a purple one - purple is my favourite colour. So thank you very much Sunday Girl! I love this FiloFax, I have never owned one but now it comes with me everywhere. I feel a bit more grown up with it and now I never forgot the things I'm supposed to be doing, like attending doctors appointments and such. I use it for carrying self encouraging quotes and such, honestly it's like a life saver, it keeps me organised and positive. Anyway, here marvel at the gorgeousness:

Second - I am now an owner of a Tablet. The Versus Touchpad to be exact. Purchased for me by someone very close to my heart and just as well because I couldn't justify it to myself to buy it. I swore I would never get a tablet as I found them useless, "computers are better." I would say and I still think that, but I now see how accessible the tablet it. Before I even got it I'd ordered covers, so that my baby was extra beautiful:

 I also swore I would never make use of a kindle "but it doesn't feel like a real book." I would say, and no it doesn't but the Kindle App is on my tablet and I have already bought 4 books on it. I just finished my first book on the Kindle App and it is not the same as finishing an actual book. But it's convenient, and for me there are some books I don't want to be caught reading in public (no it's not Fifty Shades of Grey). So overall my tablet wins, although I'll never stop buying real books, I will embrace the Kindle App for making my reading much easier.

So of course the lesson I've learnt here is never say never. But anyway, I'm embracing my inner gagdet lady. That's not to say I will never buy a book again (I've already ordered two) or that I won't use my laptop (I'm typing on it right now). But for those days when I just want to quickly look up something, or watch a tv programme, my tablet will be firmly attached to me. Now you can marvel at my baby:

Cheeky bit of desperate housewives there! So yep there you have it, material love. 
Consumerism at its best...

Enjoy the wonderful weekend weather


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