Rituals Rice Scrub Calming Shower Cream Scrub Review

23 April 2015

Empties #3

20 April 2015

So I am back with another empties post, I haven't done one since December, so I thought now would be perfect. These are my favourite kind of posts to write and read, and watch on YouTube because I feel you always get people’s honest opinions on a product! Even though I love writing them I do get annoyed at hoarding things I no longer need to keep, so I’m very happy I’ve been able to use up a bunch of stuff and share them with you today.

Birthday Wish List

13 April 2015

So next month it’s MA BUUURTHDAY. I am one of those people that hates birthdays, they usually just serve as a reminder that another year has gone by since I was born and I have not accomplished the 1,000’s of things I’ve set myself to do. Seriously why am I not in the best shape of my life, relatively loaded, with my dream man and going on holiday all the time? Eh, but anyway this year I decided I would take a better approach to my birthday and actually celebrate it, rather than dread the day. 

One good thing about birthdays is you get gifts, typically I just say “get me whatever.” However this year I’ve somehow managed to come up with a list and I’ve already sent if off to my family and friends because you know what this year I’m doing things differently aren’t I? Following that I thought I’d share the list with you lovely lot just because they could inspire someone and because looking at pretty make-up/clothing/accessories is one of my favourite pastimes.

L'Oreal Perfection Brow Artist Plumper (Dark Brunette) Review

8 April 2015

Ahh the search for perfect brow product continues. I've been looking for this product for AGES, every Boots and Superdrug I went in to for about two weeks straight, only had transparent one or was completely sold out. I finally managed to get it in Boots near Bond St Station.  So was my search worth it? 

Missguided Wish List

6 April 2015

I don't think I've ever purchased anything from Missguided, but lately I've been browsing their site continuously. I was surprised to see that I actually have an account with them, so I decided to gather some things together into my wishlist, simply because I'm actually terrible at remembering what bits of clothes I actually want.

one // two // three // four
five // six // seven // eight 

one & two & three: I seem to have a duster coat obsession, aswell as an obsession with the colour mustard. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these, it will be perfect for when Spring actually stays in the UK. I get so hot commuting on the tube and I feel like a duster coat will be the perfect thing for keeping me warm outside and cool in the tube. 

four: I used to wear skirts all the time, and then 4 years ago I became a jeans girl and now I rarely ever wear skirts, but this beautiful piece just caught my eye. I love love the colours. 

five & six: When I look at this top I just think of that girl band 'The 411' and it gives me a proper throwback feeling. I feel that this would just be such a simple top for summer (NOT a dress like they say it is). I love the plain white tee because of the cut and how they've dressed it up, I have loads of necklaces and I think they would all go so well with this tee. 

seven & eight: This dress kinda reminds me of a bin bag, but I'm just drawn to it because it has two different textures, I imagine it would be perfect for summer because y'know wearing black in summer is the way forward. I would love the white top for work, it's smart and and effortless.

There are SO many bits on Missguided that I want, but as I don't have the confidence for crop tops, I thought I'd show you guys stuff I'd actually wear. What are you lusting after? 

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Simple Revitalising Eye Roll-On Review

3 April 2015

To work full time and to not get enough sleep means you get bags and your eyes constantly feel tiiiired. And luckily for me I get dark circles and have deep set eyes, so I always look like I've slept 1 hour! So I'm always in need of all the eye products, although I just never buy them! Anyway...I picked this up on a whim as Boots were doing their 3 for 2 offer and I had already found the two things I wanted, so I spotted this and thought great, I need something to make me look awake and something that had a cool end to help me feel more awake. 

This little tube is a bit of a life saver. Now, first off I will say I don't know much about good the formula is and I haven't been using it long enough to comment on that. What I will say is that this thing just instantly wakes up my eyes and makes me feel less tired. 

Simple states: 
Smile, it's Simple. When your skin's happy and fresh faced, you feel healthier and happier too! Simple's Revitalising Eye Roll-On contains a refreshing eye gel formulated with cucumber extract and vitamin goodness to wake up and reduce puffiness and revitalise tired eyes. The innovative roller ball applicator instantly cools and gently massages the delicate eye area. Perfect for even sensitive skin. (source)

My eyes aren't puffy so really I can't comment on this, but my goodness it really does revitalise. The roller ball means that you'd get that cooling sensation instantly, which I guess just shocks your eye area into being awake (much like splashing cold water on your face), and it also just feels SO relaxing. I've always used it on the days that I don't wear foundation, so I'm not too sure if it would interfere, but I would think that you'd just smooth any excess product out around your eyes gently.

If like me your eyes just feel so tired during the day, I'd definitely recommend this for waking you up. Apologies that this is so sort and says nothing about the actual formula, but I thought this was too good not share.Absolutely lifesaver and inexpensive too!

What eye products do you use? Any life saving products I should know about?

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April Book List

1 April 2015

So I managed to read all 4 books! After I finished Sula, I had about a three day break of not reading anything because I kept forgetting to pick up Incendiary. Thankfully I really enjoyed it and was able to read it in three/four days. Out of all the books I read this month Incendiary was definitely my favorite. Before I Fall and Where the Truth Lies were both YA books and although it was nice to dive into it for a while, it all became a bit samey in the end. Sula was a good read, but also a book much about nothing. Incendiary was just a whirlwind of a book and I really enjoyed it. I have to say after really liking Chris Cleave's book The Other Hand/Little Bee, I didn't expect to like this just because typically you like a book from an author and then you read another one by them, and it just doesn't live up to your expectations.

This month I've gone back to to being sucked in by the Kindle Daily Deals! I haven't read a book on my Kindle app for a while, although I have read bits and bobs from The Secret on it because I've been having a tough month. Anyway I picked up a couple of books during March in order for my March reads, even though I still have LOADS (40+) books in my 'to-read' list.

I did actually pick up two physical books, but I'm only going to add one to this months reading list. As usual expect this whole post to go down the lines of 'I don't know why I picked this up, I'm just a sucker for deals'.

How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran - I've heard so much about this book, that finally I decided to buy it. I'm really intrigued to see how I'll find it, I don't know if I'll find it ranty or annoying because I've never read a book in the genre before and just generally I find some people who mouth off about feminism etc a bit annoying and privileged but we will see.

The State We're In by Adele Parks - If I'm honest I have no idea why I picked this one up. Even after reading the blurb I'm still sat here like ummmmmm. I think it's because I had an urge to spend money and was aware that I had not bought a book for my Kindle in a while. This has mixed reviews so, I'm hoping that I like it! 

The Photographer's Wife by Nick Alexander -I just loved the sound of this when I was reading the blurb. I love a book that has a bit of a mystery surrounding it and this is just right up my street!

Last Man in Tower by Aravind Adiga - I read The White Tiger by Adiga last year I think, and I really really enjoyed it. I found myself laughing at loud at some bits and story was actually really interesting. I like the turn the story took as well, if anything I also found that funny and was really intrigued to see where it would go. I don't seem to read many books that focus on Indian culture or the country, so for me it was such a lovely insight to Indian fiction. When I say this book on the Kindle Daily Deals, I instantly snapped it up because I liked his other book a lot. The story does seem like it could be interesting and if The White Tiger is anything to go by, I'm sure it'll be full of funny bits.

What books are you reading this month?

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