sunday lovin'

30 January 2011

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane)

Watch and listen to amazingness. The video is such beautiful art work and well the song? Have a listen, it just makes you want to dance.

Have a lovely Sunday, I'm still preparing for my interview.
I've got most things covered, so I hope tomorrow goes smoothly!

keep calm and carry on.

28 January 2011

So I went to Primark today as my student loan will not stretch very far as I've done far too much spending this month!
I tried this one, although it's not my usual thing I found that it was gorgeous. I wanted to get it but thought I'd wait until I actually had extra money. I love the the shirt top part and the gold coloured buttons it has.

I bought this for my interview. I'm not sure if it's too dressy for an interview so I did buy another plain black one with a simple design on the shoulder. I'm going to try them both on later and decide which one to wear. I like this one and asked my friend who works in KPMG and she said it was okay. So I may go with her advice.

I really actually do want this placement, so I'm trying very hard to practise as best as I can for it.

I Need a Dollar

26 January 2011

On the first listen I am already liking this song. It's so fresh and funky.
It's nice when you sometimes want to stray away from your itunes but you don't know which way to go. They've provided me with some wonderful tracks in the past, so I recommend you give their play lists listen because you are sure to find something you like.

i could take you to my heart but i'm not sure if i'd just fall apart.

24 January 2011

I don't think I ever mentioned that I got an interview for a placement and it's next monday. I guess I should purchase a suit? Maybe a smart dress, I'm going to try some on after my morning lecture tomorrow. If I get this placement I'll be over the moon, I'd prefer it to be in another country but I'm actually really happy with the job specification so I'm hoping I'll get it.

It wasn't meant to be a grey colour scheme but it happens!

I'm taking my tongue piercing out in 6 days, it's not very interview or placement appropriate, so I'll be saying by to it for a year or so. I'm going to attempt a course work draft now. I say attempt because I'm quite tired and I have to be up early tomorrow so attempt is the best I think I can manage.

sunday lovin'

23 January 2011

more like hair sunday, i've just been collecting pictures so i thought I would share :)

the morning after.

22 January 2011

today is a day for recovery, last night was lovely though a nice way to round off exams.

music is my remedy.

21 January 2011

I just found this hilarious!
Lovely outfit and accurate drawing.
As of yesterday I have no exams left until June! I also found out I have a placement interview at the end of this month, so it was a good day yesterday.
I start back to uni on Monday, so soon but it's got to be done.
I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

this girl's gonna be alright.

18 January 2011

saturdays "outfit".
my exam today was SO hard. i don't even want to begin to think about re-takes.

there was a monster in my bed.

17 January 2011

I'm drowning in exam stress. but i decided a nice break would be taking pictures of my make-up?
I don't use that much or wear it on a daily basis (apart from eyeliner) but it is what it is. I adore fake eyelashes, honestly, I love it when they look "natural". I did once purchase purple eyelashes they were awesome and not as loud as they sound!
I'm off to do more essay planning!

kate bosworth.

how radiant does she look? shopping away in new york never look so simple!

sunday lovin'

16 January 2011

Film grain inspired sunday.

have a lovely sunday!

you haven't had enough: sana soegaard belal

14 January 2011

i honestly can't get enough of her beauty.
(source: tfs)

So who is Sana Soegaard Belal?
a 18 year old half-Danish, half Tunisian model

Who is she signed with?
1st Option Model Management as her mother agency but she is also with Next Model management (paris), Dna Model management and Joy Model management (milan).

What shows has been in?
To my knowledge three in 2009. She was in Betsey Johnson & Tracy Reece & Brian Reyes for the Spring Summer Collection.

I haven't got anymore info about this wonderful lady, she seems to keep to herself!

dorian cobb

I present to you a yummy male model!
I don't really know what about him that I find attractive because he's not really my "type" but he is very attractive.
you should check out fuckyeahethnicmodels because it's refreshing to see beauties that you wouldn't usually see in the magazines.

I'm drowning in revision so I don't have much else to say.
I hope everyone has had a lovely week and has a wonderful weekend :)

growing pains.

12 January 2011

that one exam has knocked the life out of me.
i'm all ill and my body is in pain.
but on the 20th i'll have no more exams, so i'm giving it my all.
i'm wearing trackies and the above today, niice.

10 SEC READING: Different languags

11 January 2011

Illustration by Ken Crane

A fervent Buddhist lady made every effort to love others. But every time she went to the market, a merchant made indecent proposals to her.

One rainy morning, when the man bothered her once again, she lost control and hit him on the face with her umbrella.

That same afternoon, she sought out a monk and told him what had happened.
“I am ashamed,” she said. “I couldn’t control my hate.”

“You did wrong to hate him,” answered the monk. ” But life is about communicating our feelings to each other – and you need to understand that people are different”.

“The next time he says something, fill your heart with goodness.

“And hit him again with your umbrella, because that’s the only language he knows.”

Original Post here
Paulo Coelho is so inspirational


10 January 2011

Saturday's outfit & dinner
my criminal minds obsession is on point.

broccoli isn't so nice.

my first exam is tomorrow morning. I'm stressed, so I'm up early to get more revision done.
ah :/

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