Exploring Italy: Rome

28 May 2018

Can you believe my last holiday before this was in October? It feels like such a long time ago, but it really isn’t! I didn’t plan on going on any holidays until towards the end of the year but who can resist a good old holiday when a friend asks?

Exploring Bristol: Clifton Suspension Bridge

21 May 2018

I'm so behind on my posting schedule for this blog, I wanted to get this post out before the May bank holiday but it turned out I had 100 things to do and not enough time! I have so much great photos coming up from my holiday in Italy, so I'm really excited to share those.

Anyway today I am going to be talking about Bristol, I went in March and I cannot believe I never shared any of the photos I took! I went for a friends birthday so I was only there for one night but managed to see the wonderful Clifton Suspension Bridge. Who knew bridges would be a thing I was in to? But this one is particularly stunning. See for yourself!

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