Favourite YouTubers at the moment

28 December 2013

So I hope everyone has had a fabulous Christmas! Mine was okay, overall means great! I worked Christmas Eve and Boxing Day so not much of a holiday for me. Buut as promised; I have selected some of my favourite YouTubers. They all do make up and beauty so it’s all nice and varied. I don’t think they are in any particular order if I’m honest, I was just scrolling through my subscriptions and writing them down – so that’s the order then I guess.

 First we have SianShutterbug:

 I can’t remember how I came across her (probably clicking from one YouTuber to another) but I absolutely love her! Not only is she gorgeous (I love her hair) and has amazing style and make-up taste. I purchased Sleek’s Fandango Purple because of her - oh the influence. I love Sian’s personality in her videos – she’s upbeat and likeable. I love seeing the things she reviews, especially make-up because I feel we have similar tastes. Her reviews always seem very honest and she reviews products to suit all budgets. I really encourage you to watch her – she’s even replied to a few of my YouTube comments and has been incredibly lovely!

 Now we have TheAnothergirlslife:

 I love her! Her car vlogs are the best and she’s really funny in all her videos. She seems really down to earth and so real in her videos. Like Sian, you can really see Mary's personality in her videos and it’s one that I love. She does great reviews of things too, really honest ones. And all round she’s bloody hilarious to watch, I love just getting a cup of tea when I watch her channel.

 StyleNina is another favourite:

A friend from uni actually introduced me to her and I absolutely love her! The one video that sticks out for me is her accent tag video which you can find here. Seriously so hilarious and how amazing is she at doing accents?! She is so excitable and funny (are you noticing a trend) and I love the variety in her videos. She’s American and I don’t actually follow that many American YouTubers but I am absolutely in love with her style and her hair!

 My next favourite is Shirley B. Eniang:

Shirley seems like such a lovely girl! Honestly I cannot get over how down to earth she is, such an inspiring quality in a person. And she is gorgeousss. I actually love following her and StyleNina because I can see what make-up looks like on someone with a similar skin tone to me – it’s good to see people review products but much nicer to see how it would fit your complexion. I looooove watching Shirley and her hair updates, they give me so many ideas and I just want all the hair she has! I’m actually watching one of her hair videos right now (good thing I've just bought a curling wand). I really encourage you to watch her channel and read her blog – she’s a huge favourite of mine.

 My final favourite is Annie Jaffrey.
Annie is American and when I was watching her she lived in America, but after like 2 weeks after subscribing she moved to London! At least now I won’t have to deal with wanting something and finding out I can only get it if I pay extortionate shipping costs. Annie has the most positive personality ever and she encourages her viewers to be positive – so so cute. One of my favourite things about Annie is her healthy lifestyle – her channel really is an all rounder. She does fashion, make-up and health and it’s just great. One of the best things I’ve found about her videos is that they are informative – it’s one thing to give reviews about things but it’s another to really know what you’re talking about and Annie really has that down.

 So those are my favourite YouTubers at the moment. I did have a couple others written down but I thought I would keep it short and sweet and 5 seemed to be the magic number. Sorry about the quality of the images, I've been trying to sort it out for a week but no avail every time I crop the quality diminishes :( I really wasn't sure what image to use to show you guys them, but in the end opted for those images so you could see what kind of things they post. Be sure to check out their channels – they are all such lovely ladies!

Look right through me.

4 December 2013

I have been so MIA it's terrible. But I just have not found the inspiration or the will to post. See I've put on weight in the past year and a half and quite honestly I just feel gross! So I wonder around in baggy clothing and leggings. And now that I only go to work (I wear a uniform) or round to my best friends house to moan about life (leggings and a top), I don't actually need to wear actual clothes right? Right. Okay that's a lie - I volunteer, a lot, but even then I'm a volunteer I don't actually need to look good! 

This is an outfit  from maybe two weeks ago? Not the best quality of photos - sorry! I picked up the boots from Primark for all of £18! I love wondering around in them, they are comfortable and I got a size up for my insole - double comfort. 

Whilst I haven't been blogging I have been reading blogs and getting very much into YouTube and make-up. Which has just left me ridiculously poor because I buy everything I see! I got myself the Real Techniques Core Collection and fell in love with the buffing brush - it is my holy grail now. I threw out all my old make-up brushes and have not looked back. Talking of YouTube influences, I just got my Muji Acrylic draws in the post, who would have thought I would ever own enough make to even put in there! Although I'll probably just jam all the other crap on my table in there. I also purchased Sleek's 'Smother' the other day, this I actually saw when I was shopping with my sister. 

Isn't the colour gorgeous?! I feel like it's perfect A/W (see YouTube has it's influences, I even know trends). So anyway back to YouTube - I will have to do a post with all my favourite beauty/fashion YouTubers! I now have a huge beauty wishlist! 

I'm also waiting on my New Look order, they had 20% off the other day and I got excited. I also ordered a pair of jeans because I am in desperate need of some. I LOVE Topshop's Joni jeans, the fabric is great and they don't feel like jeans - even better! But they tear easily - I have gone through 2 in about 5 months! For someone that doesn't wear jeans all the time I cannot be repurchasing something I know wears quite easily, especially now that I don't have my student discount! So I thought I would see what New Look had to offer me. Has anyone got jeans from there? 

I think that's all for my update/ramble! Orange is the new black has just finished downloading so I am going to busy for next couple of hours! 

How often do you feel blue?

11 August 2013

So sometime this week I had to complete an online test for a job role, LOVE doing these things (not). However this particular one annoyed me. I don't know if it's actually common to have these questions as I don't even do that many, or if this particular one was just incredibly discriminatory. 

So I'm clicking along to things that sound like me etc. And I come across this:

How does one even define "easily depressed"? I don't get "easily" depressed. I get depressed and there is nothing easy about it. My triggers are not broken down into "easy" and "hard". 

So I grumble about it and then move on, and I come across two more questions relating to depression. When I came across the fourth I was royally pissed off:

What is feeling blue? Honestly? When I am depressed there is nothing blue about it, in fact there is a complete absence of anything let alone colour. The whole focus around trying to determine (I'm assuming here now) whether someone is emotionally stable for the position is ridiculous. If you haven't experienced depression you are not likely to know how "easily" you get depressed. I'm going to go ahead and generalise but most people don't know what depression is, thus will never be able to answer that question properly. And if we go further into the question, what an employer defines as "easily" may not be what that individual defines as "easily". The test was embarrassingly discriminatory. 

Why did you not ask any other questions about my health? Or does my physical health not have a large impact on how I do my job? Because I can tell you standing for longer than 10 minutes still hurts my left leg, but you didn't ask about that did you? Furthermore the large focus on depression as being the only illness that could possibly affect your job is laughable. If we take the mental health route we have anxiety, OCD or bipolar that could affect how you work. If we go down the route of other illnesses that could affect your ability in a job we cancer, broken bones and so on. But the main word is could. 

It infuriates me that depression seemed to be so prominent in this test. Evidently stigma still exists around the illness. It's always interesting how people are labelled benefit scroungers when they are signed off with depression but then those who are trying to find work are met with things like this. Nevertheless this hasn't discouraged me, rather enraged me but quite frankly for me working in a company that wants to pry that deeply into my personal life about one issue, isn't one I want to work for. Whether I have a history or a present with mental illness is my own business and if that then affects my ability to do my job then me and my employer can discuss it. But you can try and ween me out by having a selection process that seems to single me out because I've suffered with something I've had no control over. 

Have you come across anything similar in job searches? Please do share. And do know I plan to contact the company (who of course shall remain nameless) in the nicest way possible about how their test singles people out. In the mean time please continue to fight the stigma about mental health! I'm part of Time to Change, which supports talking about mental health to breakdown the stigma attached to it. Find the campaign website here: www.time-to-change.org.uk   and you can follow on Twitter here: Time to Change
They are also currently running a brand new campaign in which they have loads of ways you can show your support and spark up a conversation about mental health, so you can splash it all over your Social Media sites! Find it here: new campaign 

If you need help OR want more information on certain mental illnesses then visit Rethink or Mind and have a browse around and it will have everything you need! 

Holiday snaps!

6 August 2013

So it's actually been over a month since I got back from my holiday, but I thought I'd share some of the pictures I have of my wonderful time!

I'm wishing I was back without a care in the word and an endless supply of drinks! 

I have a degree!

26 June 2013

So last Friday I got my degree result.

Yep I'm officially done with university and I have a 2:1! So proud of myself and such a relief to not have to stress over what my result would be!

And tomorrow I am off on holiday! Happy me :) 

You got my secret combination

11 June 2013

So I bring you outfits from Saturday and Sunday. 
There is so much going and so little going on all at the same time, so blogging really has been pushed to the back of my mind, but fear not I have plans for my blog which should (fingers crossed) take place in a month or so. 
Until then au revoir! 


The Kia bag from La Moda

11 April 2013

I present to you one of my latest purchases from La Moda:

La Moda are a UK brand who sell unique handbags for really affordable prices. I came across them whilst reading Georgia's blog, which inspired me to get the same bag. For me it's the perfect mix, glamour with an edge. Pretty much sums up my taste in fashion too. 

So what does it look like, I hear you cry! Well perfection looks like this:

This is the Kia bag priced at £13. Yes you read that right, only £13! And lucky old me had a discount so I got it for £10.40, seriously such a bargain. The bag also comes in blue, brown and grey, but for me black all the way!

It comes with the chain and a strap, which you can take off easily so that it can just be a clutch bag. I love the fact that it's so versatile. Plus it has a lot more room than your average clutch bag which I love because my purse is huge. It has an inside zip AND zips up as well so extra safe! I'm actually just in love with the bag and the price and I seriously recommend you check them out, because they have loads of other affordable and unique bags! 

Massaging, acupuncture and cupping.

4 April 2013

So today I visited the Herbal Inn for a massage and acupuncture session (I ended getting cupping as well). This is all part of my treating myself and looking after myself rule. I got a deal from Amazon Local for £29 and I was so looking forward to trying acupuncture because I’ve never had it before.

 I went to the Herbal Inn on Oxford Street and the service was really good! They ask you about certain areas you want them to work on and ask you about injuries etc. So after answering all the necessary questions I went and had my treatment.

 First it was acupuncture, I was a little nervous because I’d never had it before, but it was fine. You only feel a little pinch when the needles go in and then that’s it. However lying down for 30minutes with them was not fun! My masseuse told me to relax and it was near impossible! I listen to quite a lot of relaxation podcasts to combat my anxiety, so I tried using one of those. However thinking about lying on your back on a beach, when you have needles in your back, didn’t make for the most relaxing image. Nevertheless it was pain free and I just day dreamed. When he came to take the needles out I barely felt them coming out! I thought there were a lot more in me, than what he actually took out. 

 Next was cupping. I’ve seen this done before, so I knew what to expect and it is as weird as it looks and trust me this picture is the more flattering of the ones I came across on google!! It didn’t hurt or anything like that but the sound kept making me laugh. So my masseuse did that for a bit and then left one of the cups on my problem section. Now I have a big old cup mark there because he massaged me and left it there. 

 So then there was my massage. It was SO good. Ugh my masseuse worked on my problem area for ages, which was just fantastic. Then did my neck and shoulders and then lower back. It was so bloody perfect. It wasn’t that relaxing when they are tackling problem areas but after that it was just bliss and it leaves you feeling so revived.

 I even got a box of ginseng things to take, which I’m actually not looking forward too. I bet it will be gross   :( But what a lovely way to spend the day! Considering was starting to snow when I was on my way there. But four hours later I'm warmed up with some tea in my hand and I'm feeling pretty good. I certainly recommend Herbal Inn, although it will leave a dent in your pocket when you pay full price!

Primark treats.

18 March 2013

I think the Primark in Birmingham is pretty awful and I haven't actually visited a Primark in a couple of months, but last week I did pop in a managed to find myself some goodies. 

I love the flats, I haven't bought or wore flats in over a year and my feet just don't cope well in them but I couldn't resist these two. I just stare at them now because the weather isn't permitting me to show them off just yet. The dress is absolutely gorgeous for £13! Not something you'd see and think it was from Primark! No idea where I'll wear it too but you never know what could be coming my way once I graduate!

I went to Poland!

5 March 2013

I've completely forgotten about my blog :( The good thing is, it hasn't been time wasted I actually have been working away at uni, self developing and travelling it would seem! Two weeks ago I got to visit Poland to visit a friend. Whilst it was dead cold it was lovely. There wasn't too much to see, but I did do some shopping which I WILL post about later, because it was so cheap out there. Mainly it was lovely to spend time with my friend. I cannot wait to go back in the summer. I didn't take to many pictures but here is what I have!

Horrid picture of me to prove I was actually in the country. 

It was nice to add Poland to my travel books! I post my shopping goodies next especially the dresses my wonderful friend gave me. I'm such a lucky girl. 


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