[guest post] 5 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself with Absolutely No Guilt

25 June 2018

This post is a guest post from the wonderful Amy Mia

After a long week at work and numerous errands you’ve had to do day after day, all you need is a little bit of you time to relax and indulge yourself. Don’t even doubt your decision for a second, because a little bit of pampering and some treats never killed anyone, and what’s more, it’ll be highly therapeutical for your mind and body. Therefore, if you’re in dire need of pampering yourself, we offer you five options that will never make you feel guilty for spending money on them.

Exploring Italy - Vitabella Toscana

20 June 2018

So, I’m doing my Italy posts in a kind of backwards way (you’ll see what I mean next week). I didn’t want the last post to be too crammed with pictures and that means I can show you more of the place we stayed in this week. Really the last post should have had this title but oh well! Next week I will actually be showing you more of Tuscany as well as Sienna! If you’ve arrived here because you’ve searched for Vitabella Toscana then check out my previous post for pictures of the inside of La Ginestra.

So this post will be relatively short and sweet but I wanted to share our last day and one of the best features of the place - the pool!

Exploring Italy: Tuscany

11 June 2018

I left off my last post talking about how I’d share the most beautiful place to stay ever and I mean it. When I go on holiday I’m not much of a going out clubbing type of girl, I much prefer an evening in with a lovely bottle of wine. As a result of this I get more cash to splash out in where I’m staying and because we were going to Tuscany and wanted to in the middle of nowhere we decided to stay in an apartment. Only we found the best apartment/villa type place and honestly it was perfect. The only thing missing is a bath, haha but that’s because I’m 100% a bath person and you’ll have seen from my time in Oxford and York. We drove from the airport to Tuscany and a wonderful double rainbow accompanied us for some of the journey. 

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