hello new shoes, goodbye blues.

4 November 2009

It's been raining on and off all day. I adore the rain, mainly when I'm inside but being out today in it was so refreshing. Mmm.

better pictures of my yellow coat!

My new purse from river island obviously... I just loved the studs.
Also an important new thing I got is my Blackberry you can see it on the bed (it's white) I want a purple cover for it though.

Food pictures.

Yesterdays dinner. Probably todays too. I don't eat green stuff so I was so proud of myself for actually buying it, adding it my food and then eating it. Home-made mash too, yaay :)
My lunch. I actually adapted the recipe a bit but still tasty!

I've basically been in all day revising. Had the most horrible pain in my side so I couldn't really move, too a quick trip to campus for the Arabian meet & greet and then came home. I think it's official I will never be going to my quantitative technique classes again, I've haven't been the past three weeks so no point in starting now.
Back to revision
song: palo nutini - loving you

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