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18 December 2009

so I tried to do my hair like I wanted and it failed. It's official I can't curl my hair properly. My friend always does it really good for me but she's in London! I think my hair only came out how I wanted once and even then the curls fell out. I need to use a better hairspray.


tuesday or weds? not too sure.
i've been having problems updating my blog. that and i'm a slacker.
improvements to my life have been made though. i went to three lectures this week, okay i left half way through one but still. I finally collected my essay and I got 60% which is a 2:1 and everyone else did really badly on it so yaay. Finished my spanish work. Had Christmas dinner on Wednesday, was so lovely. And my friend, he got me a chocolate fountain! :D
Tonight is my final night out in Birmingham and I'm actually just staying on campus. I'm going back to London for 3 weeks :D It's been a good week, partied on monday, partied last night and it was finally in a different club and good old times in the guild with cheap drinks :D

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