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11 June 2010

i ordered my camera today so no more crackberry photos (after this)! it should be with me tomorrow :)
I also did some shopping, all for Indonesia, hopefully I'll be able to wear them in London if it's sunny. I have some random pictures of stuff I bought and didn't. I'll take pictures of everything I got with my beloved tomorrow.

Topshop heart play suit, they look like pj's on me! :(

The shorts really didn't sit right and it was all a bit too much for me.
I don't think playsuits are for me!

Maxi dress from River Island.
I've been wanting one since I saw Vanessa in gossip girl wearing a beautiful one.
I ended up with this beauty and another one.

Nautical lace leotard from River Island.
It was pretty and only £14.99 but to be honest I don't think I'd ever wear it and I won't buy to just look at it in my wardrobe!

Dress from River Island. I liked it just not the chest part.
Basically I've become really addicted to prints and bright colours, which is a complete turn around considering I used to dress in all black, I still do sometimes but I'm letting those colours into my life! On another note I'm going out for the nicest brunch tomorrow! I'm so excited, it's also my 2nd date and I'm excited about that. But honestly I'm very excited for the food, ice-cream, pancakes and waffles! :)

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